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I am having sex with my Neighbour who is my mom's friend.. What to do?

asked Feb 22, 2015 in Questions by Dark Horse (750 points)
edited Feb 23, 2015 by longhands1

Hello everyone,

I am 20years old. In 2011-12 when I was living at my home back in Mumbai there was a couple living next to my house. They had two daughters and they were married for 13years. The woman was around 27 years old then. She was married to the man at very young age when she was just 15years old. It was a love marriage. I was around 15-16 years old at that time and I had a serious sexual attraction to that woman who was also a good friend of my mom as we were neighbours. I always used to fantasize about her while masturbating and use to think for a bad future for that couple, like they should get divorced or the woman should get widowed so that I could be with her.

Then at the end of 2011, I shifted to hostel for my college. In 2012 I heard from my mom that the couple was divorced. I was confused wether to feel bad for them or happy for myself. Then at the end of 2012,  I came back to my home for competetive exam. In early 2013 I started visiting my Aunt (maami), and slowly developed sexual relationship with my Aunt to whom I lost my virginity. I got admission into a good college near my aunt's house and then she convinced my parents to allow me to live at her home instead of hostel as this would save money.  As time passed by my GF who happens to be my aunt's daughter (same aunt with whom I have sex) also became very close to me, and owing to the situation I ended up having sex with her too. I still have sex with both of them but more regularly with my aunt and occasionally with my girlfriend because of her hostel life.

Now my question:
Lately when I visited my home back in Mumbai I decided to spend some more days there. During that time my old sexual attraction (Mom's friend) visited our house to meet my Mom. I met her almost after 4years. We were happy to see each other. She is around 31years now. After the meeting , my Mom told me to exchange my number with her as to be in contact through mordern apps like whatsapp, as my mom is an old generation and doesn't know to use smartphones. Slowly I began chatting and being in contact with mom's friend more than regular. She was the first to star the conversation and used to complement my looks. I tried to be in self control but chatting with her made me horny. We met once secretly without the knowledge of my mother. We fixed next meeting that too being secret.

We met in a resort. She also brought her elder daughter along with her for the second meeting in resort. Her younger daughter was with her husband after the divorce. Her elder daughter had grown into a really beautiful girl of age 12years but she seemed to be of 14-15 years because of her overgrown and perfectly beautiful assets. I was so attracted and feeling lustful that I almost touched her asset many time pretending to be accidental touch. As we met in resort we offcourse enjoyed water games and swimming in pool. She paid for all the expenses. For the water slides, I went with her daughter, and to be honest I did so to feel her assets. Her daughter never opposed as I held her breast tightly pressing her towards me, she seemed to enjoy it. She even touched my half erect penis many times. I enjoyed swimming with her mom and we became very close. She insisted that I drink beer even after knowing I don't drink. But I drank a glass as she was insisting. And while on the way to home she was holding my hand. I liked it and got close holding her back. I asked her about her divorce and then she broke down. I consoled her and left both of them at their home.

Next day, I visited their house without prior information to see how she was. She was sleeping and said she had a headache. I asked if I can give her a head massage. She agreed and I did so, things got weird after we had lunch. Topic of her divorce came up,and she told that her husband doubted her for EMA. She said she did not have any EMA but after divorce she once had sex with her sister's husband which wsa 1½years ago. Then her sister shifted to Singapore and everything ended with that encounter other than her husband. She then got checked up for STDs and STI but reports came normal.

I said that's good and she should get married to someone else. She said she is not interested in marriage. Then she suddenly asked me wether I was a virgin? I replied her honestly saying that I was not a virgin. She laughed loudly and asked me who was that lucky girl!! I avoided her question. I replied I liked her. This brought us more close and we started having sex, I don't know why but still she asked me about my virginity, I finally told her about my aunt and her daughter. She didn't believe but later did when I showed her pics. In the process her daughter entered room but she didn't mind and told me to continue. Her daughter knew all about sex and also about her sex encounter with BIL. After we were done. I told her that I liked her daughter. She laughed and told her daughter join us for sex. I was shocked but she too got involved in oral sex. Not in intercourse because of her small age. But I played more with her daughter then!!!

Now I am back to my college life. She is asking me to visit her once a week for sex and love. She keeps calling me saying she loves me and her daughter does too. She mailed me some pics which she took while having sex without my knowledge. She says she would tell about it to my aunt!!!

I love sex, but this incident has struck me for life as I think, I am getting blackmailed. On her insisting I visited her 4-5times and truly enjoyed having sex. But I want to complete my education and visiting her continuously can affect my studies. I don't want to make my aunt feel bad!!

Help me!! Please.

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commented Feb 23, 2015 by baba333 (215 points)
moved Feb 24, 2015 by prashant69
O my god ... Is it a question or a sex story.... Hume aisse aunty kyo nai milti...
commented Feb 24, 2015 by aaadityaa367 (275 points)
Dear long hands don't post these types of fake questions!
commented Feb 24, 2015 by longhands1 (78,025 points)


This is my comments sent as PM to Darkhorse, when he had sent many times some Post with a long story.

Your present question is a figment of your imagination. t is a fantasy and does not deserve our advise.

Please don't take us for fools. Your earlier question was about your first time sex with your GF who is 19 and now your aunt aunt and her whole family comes into the picture?

Another time:

Nice Story. Please send to ISS.

So you will see that some Writers may think we are idiots and have the last laugh. But I wanted to give benefit of doubt. Now that so many of you think that this is a fake story, hope User Darkhorse, understands the situation.

commented Feb 24, 2015 by aaadityaa367 (275 points)
Its all time waste for serious readers!

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Dear. D,

Married ladies are getting involved in EMA with boys younger to them. Sometimes their lover may be friends of their children.

Whenever both the sides are agreed then no matter what hinderance will come soon.

She is blackmailing you means your demand is in peak. If you want to go out of these then introduce another person who will going to fuck them. Try to convince her about the DVD.
answered Sep 23, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
selected Sep 25, 2015 by Dark Horse

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