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How to stop this incestual relationship with my mom?

asked Feb 16, 2015 in Questions by ritwin1992 (120 points)
edited Feb 17, 2015 by longhands1

Hi all,

I am 22 years old. When I was 17, my father and mother got divorced. I was living with my mom. One thing led to anothr and my mopm and I ended up having sex after her divorce.

It is not only her fault, and we have been having sex for past 4 years. But since last one year, I have a love affair with my classmate and we also date each other. Since then, I have lost my desire to have sex with my mom. Now she is forcing me to have sex, but I cant do as earlier. She is badly using my organ to satisfy herself.

Two months ago, I told her that I don't want to to have sex with her as I have a love affair, but she got very angry and said she won't agree with my love affair.

She is still forcing me to have sex. I can't run away from her as I have no job and no money.

Please help me.


(We do not allow incest related questions on this Site. However since this is not about having an incestous relationship, but how to stop it, that I am approving it.




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11 Answers

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You have created a situation on your own, which is very hard to overcome all of a sudden. You made another mistake by disclosing your affair to your mom as she thinks that you want to discontinue sexual relationship with her because of your girlfriend. She naturally feels envy and becomes annoyance on you. It has been four since you are having sex with your mom and now suddenly you crave to stop it hence your mother’s reaction is usual.

What you need to do is, make your mind up that you want to end it, tell her the same with firm decision, and then sticks to your decision in any case. Your mother will blackmail you but you should not succumb to her emotional tragedy.

Do not give over clarification to her that why you want to stop this, as it is not worth to do so. Be ready to face her violent reaction as I suppose she will do seeing that she is going to lose her sex partner inside home.

It will take time but if you are firm on your decision not restart your sexual relationship with your mom then she will get rid of you with passage of time. You have no right to make your girlfriend suffer on your account. Remember you should stop it completely as you cannot ride two horses simultaneously.
answered Feb 17, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
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When you wanted sex, you didn't think of the consequences did you!!! When you bite into the forbidden fruit, you have to accept responsibility for your actions. You had no moral qualms about having sex with mum, but now you're trying to wriggle out of a commitment you made the moment you allowed your cock to take charge instead of your brain!!!

How will you get out of your situation? This is fraught with difficulty and risk to you, your mum, and your girlfriend. I'm assuming you haven't told your girlfriend that you are having an incestuous relationship with mum, so that is one threat. You have no job, and nowhere o go if mum chucks you out, that's another threat. If mum is really hurt (and she most definitely is badly hurt), she may feel she has nothing to lose by telling the world about you two, so that's another threat!!! Accepting the worst case, mum may even feel suicidal if you hurt her badly enough, and believe me, she's come to see you as her love in EVERY sense of the word.

Telling her about this girl has hurt her worse than any knife in her heart. I imagine she's now in her forties; her looks are fading, she's probably struggling try to look young, and knows that She's competing with girls that are, literally, young enough to be daughters. Every time mum looks in the mirror, she's looking for grey hairs, lines, sagging skin.... Imagine just for a moment how she feels when you tell her the one thing she's been dreading ever since she first allowed you into her.

Given the way I live my life according to my own conscience, I'm not concerned with the morals of incest, particularly as you've already determined that moral values are immaterial to you (both of you). From a purely objective viewpoint, you have been having sex with a mature woman, which you both encouraged, enjoyed, and took advantage of when you weren't getting sex elsewhere. Now you have a younger model, the old one you want to send to the scrapyard as surplus to requirements.... but it ain't that simple!!!

​ Get used to the idea that you may need to learn how to juggle!!!




answered Feb 17, 2015 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
commented Mar 2, 2015 by ThunderR (540 points)
Dear Salma, I am flabbergasted by this answer of yours. The poor guy is made to forcibly have sexual intercourse by his mother. This is nothing but rape. And still you blame him. Isn't this victim blaming? Whenever any girl is blamed for rape you feminists always cry victim blaming. And now what are you doing?

Instead of mother - son combination, just imagine if it was a father - daughter combination. Then you feminists would have labelled the father as a rapist and demanded to hang him isn't it? No one can match the double standards of feminists.
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Presuming that the question is not a fantasy, the only option other than letting the state of affairs persist is to look for a new flame for your mom. If she is divorced, why don't you encourage her to remarry or at least look for a boyfriend?

Yes, as Salma had suggested a sudden rupture of relations wouldn't be of anyone's interest. You were weaned away from incest by the relationship with your gf. Maybe your mom too requires someone else for both emotional and sexual support before she can completely desist from incest.
answered Feb 17, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
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The most disgusting affair is mom-son and dad-daughter sex. I have no words to express how much disgusting this incest is. If your mom wanted sex after getting divorced, she should have chosen some other man than choosing her own son !!!  Don't ever mention this episode ever again in your life to even your most intimate companion.
Even today in our country, mom and/or dad is living god. Stop this affair with your mom immediately. Find somebody else.
answered Mar 1, 2015 by shyam shyam (310 points)
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Sex is addictive thing. Once you feel the pleasure of it. You will want more of it. That's what happened with you and your mom. You enjoyed the sex with your mom and she also enjoyed it as much as you did. Now you got a new girl who is of your age to whom you might be more attracted to than to your mom. But your mother do not want to stop sex. As you are more trustable than anyone she knows she wants it from you. This is all your fault that you already said. Now its very difficult to come out of this situation. There is nothing you can do other than talking to her or make her feel happy by having sex with her.
answered Mar 1, 2015 by chubbygayathri (220 points)
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To get rid of this situation, u should not tell ur mom, that u will not have sex with her afterwards. In my opinion u should continue the sexual relationship with your mother and simultaneously tell her that, u like one girl and wanted to marry her. Let your mom think about it and after some days she might reduce sexual intercourses with you coz she might make up her mind that u are goin to get married and have to satisfy the other woman of the house.
Every mother wants a wife for her son, so let her adjust this situation in favour of you and your girl friend.And believe me. it will be sorted out smoothly, coz she is your mom and you means a lot to her.
answered Mar 1, 2015 by mukul_rusty (480 points)
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First of all I hope this is a real and not imaginary situation.

There is nothing wrong in any sort of sexual relationship even if it is incest. Only condition is that it should be consensual. Also no one can ever be forced to stay in a relationship. So you have every right to come out of it.

What is currently happening is that you are forced, which means that it is a rape. That is why we mens rights activists(MRAs) demand that rape law should be gender neutral. If it were in our country you could have filed a rape case against your mother.

First step in this case would be to tell your mother in a soft and calm voice that even if currently you two are in a relationship, both of you know that this can't be continued forever. You would have to find a girlfriend/wife eventually and you see these qualities in this girl. Also encourage her to remarry again. This should work. She is your mother afterall not enemy.

Even after this if she forces you to have sex use physical force to push her away. If she doesn't relent, beat her without causing any injury. If she asks you to leave home, just stay put and refuse to leave.

If things go really bad, try to find a mens rights organization in your city using Google. They would definitely help you.
answered Mar 2, 2015 by ThunderR (540 points)
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Now that you have fucked your own mother,the only way to stop is to simply move away from her.
answered Mar 21, 2015 by wicked son (135 points)
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    Satisfy both.

answered Oct 3, 2015 by sanjayservice (285 points)
commented Oct 3, 2015 by prashant69 (7,230 points)

Many of our vetern (regular and fairly senior  members )might think how this answer have been kept as 'answer' and NOT been converted as a'comment'!

   Reason is we want to encourage new members to come here regularly and participate in the discussion. So as an encouragement to such members we are allowing such ' one liners' as 'answers' incidentally! 

#sanjayservices, This time this one liner of yours has been allowed as an answer. Remember this is an exception than a rule. So next time you answer write at length why you feel that particular way . Elaborate your answer. 

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Hi, from your story / question it is  cleared that for some time interval you have enjoyed your mum in bed , see the only solution in all this matter is to have a discussion with your mom.just explain her need of a girlfriend or a life partner in your life . explain her you can't live like this way only with your mom. Also you ask her whether she wants any girl in your life or not . did she want you to get married in coming years or not , as in our society every parent want their son / daughter to get married at their appropriate
age .So now question remains about sex relation , I think only solution at present is you should continue with your mom , and tell her that after your marriage , the frequency of sex should reduced to minimum amount of time . because you will be having wife and obviously u both ,you and your mom don't want to reveal secret of  your sex relation to your future wife . so definitely she will decrease the amount of sex in future.
And by the time you will reach to your marriage age , she will decrease her thurst of sex . so upto tht time enjoy the hole of your mom.
answered May 15, 2016 by Nehapune (340 points)
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Until you become your lovers possession, you are your mothers possession. If she wants to have sex with you. man up, strip down and get to work.
answered Dec 9, 2016 by Carol25 (110 points)

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