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How to stop myself from going to prostitutes?

asked Feb 16, 2015 in Questions by Charliec00l (120 points)
edited Feb 17, 2015 by longhands1

Can anyone help me with advice on how to stop visiting prostitutes? I spend a lot of money on prostitutes. Please give me some suggestions on how to save my money that I spend on prostitutes.

Mastubation is just not enough for me.



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2 Answers

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Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is impossible. It might be possible that masturbation is just not enough for you but you are left with no alternative. Masturbation is the only option at present you have. No one can suggest you any magic way to stop going to prostitutes but if you truly want to stop it than you should stop it with one short.

You need strong determination and willpower to stop your bad habit. Rely on masturbation, as it is safe way to satisfy your urge for sex. You need to change your beliefs and work on your self-esteem. It is better to go without or resort to a hand rather than paying money to strange women who may give you life-ending diseases.

If you are not able to stop it after trying all your efforts then you need to get professional counseling. It is an addiction just like any other and you have to learn how to deal with it.
answered Feb 17, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,840 points)
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Charlie, First of all that now you have realized that you have a problem is the great thing. Like any other addiction that means drugs, tobacco smoking.chewing,alcohol consuming this also a bad habit and as they say habits are hard to die. one becomes slave to them and then they tend to control us rather than a way around. 

        Now how many things you had been exposed due to this have you realized?

Social reputation to you and family if it is known to the ones who knows you or them!

loosing money its being a paid sex.

fear of getting caught by cops or authorities and subsequent proceedings 

compromising your health even if you have been using condoms as some kind of protection, still there could have been some kind of exchange of body fluids of which you are still unaware. (So get yourself checked for it. If everything turns out okay thanks stars that they have not blessed with some they have got!)

      As you have neither mentioned your age nor in your profile i assume you being in your early twenties and earning and so able to spend the money on these girls, try to get a girlfriend or tell your parents to look a bride for you. 

 If both is not possible in near future make love with your hands. Imagine and relive the  best moments you have spend with any sexual partner you have had and see as by magic you would feel fulfilled. Just do not go over the edge and do it in control .

   Self restraint is the only way out for you. And if you would continue doing it with your hands you would not feel that unbearable itch to go out and locate a sex worker to scratch that itch anymore. 

Best of luck .


answered Feb 17, 2015 by prashant69 (7,035 points)

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