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How can I increase the size of my penis?

asked Jan 12, 2015 in Questions by abhishekkhanna (155 points)
edited Jan 20, 2015 by longhands1


I turned 19 last month. I am very confused about my penis size. It is only 3.2 inches and very thin. I am very depressed that I could not make any physical relationship with my girlfriend due to this.

My girlfriend laughs on seeing my penis. Please help me and tell me how to increase my penis size naturally and also increase its girth. Mam, moreover I started masturbating when I was 14. I masturbate mostly everyday. My penis has now become very sensitive and remains some what soft when fully streched.

Mam, please tell me how much minimum size of penis is needed to satisfy a girl completely. Please help me.


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3 Answers

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Men tend to misjudge the size of their penis, due to viewing it from above. Many men believe that their penis is smaller than normal. You could also measure the size wrongly.

It is shameful of your girlfriend to make fun of your penis size. It means she is not serious about you and you should reconsider your relationship. A penis is the most precious thing a man has and he will see and touch it many times a day!

Since you are now 19, it is possible that your penis may still grow an inch or two. Penis growth usually starts between the ages of 10 to 14 years of age. If you are still gaining height then the penis size may still increase though.

The penis is capable of lengthening and increasing in overall size during sexual arousal. The longest fully erect penis (scientifically validated) is 12 inches (30cms). The smallest normally functioning penis ½ inch (1.3cms). The average erect penis size is around 6 inches.

This means you have an adequate size, but you need to learn the art of making love with it.  There is no reliable scientific or credible evidence that pills, potions, or lotions work to enlarge the penis permanently. So please do not fall into the trap in the media or the net that promises to increase your penis size.

If you are wondering whether there are, any surgical procedures to enlarge the penis, yes there are surgical techniques that can increase the girth and length of the penis. A ligament that holds the penis in place can be released extending the penis by about an inch.
Dermal implanting can add length and girth. As with any surgical intervention you must consider whether the perceived gains are worth the risk. There are a number of side effects and the cosmetic result can look odd. Many urologists will not perform this type of operation unless there is a deformity or some other mal-function.

Fortunately, penis size is not related to sexual satisfaction. And this I presume is the crux of your question. Spend considerable time in foreplay. Make your partner's orgasm your focus. Penis is not the only thing you have, you possess beautiful long fingers, a flexible tongue. Use these to bring your partner to orgasm first, then penetrate and she won’t even complain about your small penis. Learn the start - stop method to control your urge to ejaculate.

Love making is an art. The penis is only an accessory. Learn the art not from books or this answer, but by practice, experimenting and imagination. All the Best. Smile.

answered Jan 12, 2015 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
selected Mar 29, 2015 by abhishekkhanna
commented Jan 12, 2015 by abhishekkhanna (155 points)
Thanks a lot ..... I agree to your views ...
I think I should talk to my gf about this
commented Apr 6, 2015 by longhands1 (78,355 points)

abhishek, Thanks for appreciating my Answer. I hope I was able to solve your doubts.

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Penis size is man’s obsession; in reality, it would not make any outcome on woman’s satisfaction. In simple words, there has no connection between woman’s satisfactions with the size of penis. As I keep saying that if that were the case, then all women would select artificial penis over real one.

There is no ideal size, which consider best to satisfy women. Women’s satisfaction depends on many factors like warmth in the relationship, affection and care. No medicines are available in the market, which can enhance your penis size. Do not pay attention on size of penis it is not worth to do.
answered Jan 12, 2015 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
commented Jan 12, 2015 by abhishekkhanna (155 points)
Thanks a lot :)
Please tell me .... Is my penis enough to make her feel enjoyable
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A longer size penis can only satisfy a women is a biggest myth. U hv to knw that , womens average vaginal size is 6 inch n only 2 inch of the front part has sensation which also involves cilitoris which has more sensational nerves connected to each part of the body has compared to males. People believe that there is a spot in vagina called g-spot which can be reached by longer penis , this is also an another myth which is totally incorrect. To reach orgasm for a women, a longer penis didn't hv the main role, foreplay, postitions, likes n dislikes, digital penetration, sexgames, fantasy mood making can totally satisy a girl which a penis hv a smaller dnt worry abt ur penis size u cn really satisfy ur partner.
answered Jan 12, 2015 by Fawaz Roshan (145 points)
commented Jan 13, 2015 by abhishekkhanna (155 points)
Thanks a lot for your views ...

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