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Will our married life be affected due to girlfriend's past affairs?

asked Jan 4, 2015 in Questions by puneguy (125 points)

I am a 27 year old guy from Pune. I am in a relationship with a girl of my age from the same city. Our families know the relationship  and have accepted it. We are set to marry this year in December.

However, my girlfriend had a few affairs in the past. She confessed this to me after I proposed to her and also said that she loves me a lot and if I wish I can leave her due to her past. She had sex in the past with her Ex and also had oral sex while she was in college with 2 guys in 3 years when she was in a relationship with them.

Sometimes I get flashes of her past and I vent out my anger on her. But she is very co-operative and understands my situation.

Can the above issue impact our married life in future?

Kindly advise.

And please no cheap comments and advise. This is something serious.

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2 Answers

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Man! This girls have got more balls in her than any other man could barely have. And for her guts are you going to punish her?

All of us know about the girls/ women who sneak behind their hubbies to have some fun on the side . Many does have a premarital relations . But not many could have a courage to reveal it with their partner. She has shown that she has nothing to hide from you and this is time that you should appreciate it and make a resolution with her that now on you wont ever hide anything from each other. So do not leave her at any cost and embress her with an open mind as well as an open arms in your life. Let bygone be bygone . What happened before you should not matter you at all. What matters most is present .

answered Jan 4, 2015 by prashant69 (7,050 points)
selected Jan 4, 2015 by puneguy
commented Jan 5, 2015 by prashant69 (7,050 points)

Thanks puneguy,But let me tell you that since you selected a Best Answer now system automatically have closed your this question and no more answers could be added . So you have to be content with these two answers . So we advice all the questioners to read the rules carefully .But if you feel you have got an advice you have ben looking for who we are to complain?

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Dear Sir,

I think that your girlfriend truly loves you a lot and that's why she spoke her heart about her past life. I think that you should respect her feelings that she has a pure heart to tell you the truth.. if she would have never spoken to you about her past you would have never known it.. forgive her and forget everything. Settle with her and give lots of love to her.. every person has a past, its best to accept her for her truth..
answered Jan 4, 2015 by namus (175 points)

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