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I am confused why my husband wants to sniff my butt?

asked Jan 3, 2015 in Questions by shinyahuja (120 points)
edited Jan 5, 2015 by longhands1


I am a 27 years old lady, married since 7 months. My husband is very caring and friendly. We love each other a lot. Our marriage was an arranged one but before the marriage we had the chance to know each other nearly for a year.

My only concern to write in this forum is, I am a little confused to see some of my husband's behavior during sex or before sex. My husband often sniffs my butt. One day when I was sleeping at night he was sniffing secretly that part of my body. On many occasions he does that during my sleep.

Even during the foreplay or any casual occasion, he sniffs my butt. One day, I asked him about this. He replied that he likes the womanly smell. One day, I kept one of my used panties in bathroom to test him. I saw him sniff that also. We have a good sex life till now.

My question is : Is it normal for a man to sniff his woman's butt. He didn't express this behavior before marriage. Should I encourage him to do that? In a few cases he licked my butthole also. If we would like to continue this what precautions should we take?

I am confused. Please help me out.


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commented Jan 3, 2015 by SunnyV (515 points)
I would never want to sniff a lady's butt ! But feel it, press it, crush it,slap it--oh yes !

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5 Answers

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There is nothing wrong with your husbands sniffing your butt. There are a lot of guys who are attracted to butts and want to sniff or do other stuff too,myself included. I think if you dont have any problem with his activity then you should let him do it and join him to have fun. Although if you dont like it then you should talk to him directly and I think he will understand. But if you are going to do it then you should pay heed toward the cleanliness of your butt so that you wont face any health problems. Have fun!!!
answered Jan 3, 2015 by ankurawana (105 points)
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Its common. may be he gets a turn on while he smells your butt. of course nobody wants to scare off other people with your your wild fantasies and tastes. you might also be excited to try new things in bed. precautions are is that you both need lots of lubrication while having anal sex because its very high friction back there. if you lube it then all good :) just enjoy the life madam :D
answered Jan 3, 2015 by msd183 (335 points)
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Its very well known fact that most  of the men species are attracted to at least certain particular part of a woman's body ! Like some are tits men some are assmen some are hairs or ancle like this.But most common are tits and asslovers for obvious reasons. They find the shape, touch the texture soft, alluring silky smooth feel to enjoy to lick to bite, nibble like this.

          It is too much clear from your example that no part of opposite sex could be dirty or disgusting to most men(From your example as well as some answerers who have agreed that they to would like to do the same to a woman) So as long as you are willing and enjoying it you can do this.Remember to douche yourself properly when you expect the ACT might take place.

    You even can get benefitted with great sex or to have your way out of this as long as sex goes.Like if you want to do certain thing in certain way and if you find him not aggreable you can 'threaten' him that you will 'punish' him by forcing him to sniff your butt when you would be in bed.Look how horny he would be when you will'Punish' him! $Enjoy life you live only once!

answered Jan 3, 2015 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
commented Jan 10, 2015 by shinyahuja (120 points)
Thanks prashant for your answer. would you suggest me the ways how can i stay clean before let my husband do that act. Can i use the normal body spray for the aroma. Please also suggest some other ways also like what you've mentioned here e.g. punishment.
commented Jan 11, 2015 by prashant69 (6,990 points)

Shinya, You can keep it clean by througly washing it when you use wash room as well as while bathing .Have you ever heard the word enema?Its the method in which interior (bowls) are cleaned. You can use lukewarm water and wash inside . Then you can also use our usual liquid soap with water . Then you can apply good quality ointment or moisturiser over that area. And you would be enough fragrant.

#Punishment:-Its simple mind game like for example if you have gone out for eating and you want to go at any particular restorant and he wants to go somewhere else or if he wants a particular dish and you an another you can whisper  in his ears that better he should listen you otherwise you either will force him to lick/ sniff your asshole or you wont ever allow him near your ass again depending upon the mood you find yourself, how much time have gone last time you did it etc and  then see how much charged he gets! Keep informed.


commented Jan 12, 2015 by shinyahuja (120 points)
Thanks for your reply. Actually i was cleared about the role play like giving punishment to husband. It would be a good game. But i wanted to know that if you know some other ways also by which my husband can be sexually tempered and sniff.
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Every man has different stimulus that turns him on. It is very difficult to point out the origin of this but hey, what is IS. I understand that it creeps you out when you find him doing it in the middle of the night. Talk to him about it and get comfortable. Maybe if you let him him do it when you have sex, it would help by not only spicing up the sex but also cooling his urges. I have heard a lot of women enjoy things like rimming. I would say that its completely normal as long as both of you do not have a problem with it.
answered Jan 4, 2015 by Rakeshlove (210 points)
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Although this post is almost 2 years old and may not be received by original questioner.I hope it is not too late.

Do not put oil, lotion, or otherwise try to "improve" the smell of your asshole! This will ruin it for your man! You noted that he said he loved your female odors!!! What you don't realize is

1) He is attracted to (sexually turned on by) the SMELL of your ass. This may be enhanced the less spotlessly clean you are there! If it smells like perfume the turn on will be ruined. Many men are attracted to and sexually turned on by the smell of a woman's vagina and asshole.

2) He is likely also turned on by the submissiveness of his act and wants you to "rub his nose in it". He would love it if you laughed or at least giggled at his predicament that he is addicted to smelling and licking your asshole BECAUSE IT TURNS HIM ON SEXUALLY AND A MAN CANNOT RESIST HIS SEXUAL DESIRES. This places you above and IN CONTROL OF HIM! which also turns him on!

3) You should encourage this behavior by forcing him to smell and lick your asshole while you stroke and suck his cock, but don't let him cum. By bringing him to the edge of orgasm and keeping him there by ever so light touching if his cock gives him incredible pleasure...almost as much as orgasming. So, while in this state of bliss if he is kept smelling and tasting your asshole "forever" he associates this sexually hightened blissfull state with the smell if your asshole while (yes the strong smell if your shit). This will addict him more and more to your smells (asshole and vagina) such that a  whiff of your used panties or a sniff if your croch will give him an instant hard-on.

4) He will strongly desire for you to enjoy this power you have over him and laugh at his predicament and your control. He will love it if you stroke his cock and then push your ass in his face and when he of course starts to sniff and lick your asshole you giggle and sarcastically say "My poooooor baby".  

5) If you enjoy this REAL fantasy with him, sex will be GREAT.

Finally, if soon after such a sexual episode he gargles with mouthwash you should have no health problems.

Hope this reply is not too late for you, but if so hope it helps someone else. Finally, the turn on for him will likely be ruined if you talk about it as if it were a game you play. He wants you to actually like dominating him and is turned on that you are sexually in control of him, know it, like it, and laugh at his pathetic addiction to your filthy asshole. But only laugh at it during sex. He likely won't want it to come up or change any other part of your relationship. He may want to be "The Man" and in charge in every other part if your relationship.

Only in bed is he turned on by this "secret" power you have over him.

answered Dec 1, 2016 by candor (105 points)

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