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Why I always want to have intercourse with mature women? [closed]

asked Aug 5, 2011 in Questions by jackj361 (120 points)
closed Jun 8, 2014 by longhands1
Hi Anjali aunty,

My name is rajveer and my age is 21. My problem is I like mature women instead of girls, I mean I would like to have sex with an mature women rather then a girl so please tell me what kind of disease is this?
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.

13 Answers

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one who loves voluptuous woman body with meaty stocks of heavy boobs and fleshy shoulder, arms, thighs and ass plump, generally gets attracted to middle-age mature women and crave for fucking them. They always masturbate even if they see the brassier straps of such mature women or even their used dirty brassier-panty in the toilet. They even fuck their wife while putting such mature meaty women in their imagination. This is true for most young boys. It is normal.
answered Aug 5, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
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This is not a disease its just lust in teenage even i had the same its ok tll you think but please be sure it dsnt overtake u and put u in trouble.
answered Aug 10, 2011 by daredevil11 (410 points)
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Every man want to fuck some mature lady or some ones wife because they are experienced and most of them are sex starved so they can take us to seventh heaven easily with out much labour from our side.
answered Aug 11, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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The new young men do not care for tight pussy possessed by young girls. They develop saliva to see fleshy and meaty middle-age women, because even if their vaginal hole is not so tight like that of young girls it does not matter much considering the tight fitness of the robust young penis inside. On the other hand, the boys get in matured women a well developed & prominently witnessed breast to molest to their fullest satisfaction without any uneasiness which happens to new girls. Moreover, no sooner the young cock gets inserted inside the sapped vagina, the mature women immediately start fucking it from below without any hesitation (showing rapid and up-to-the-mark vaginal tightening-loosening activity). Thus with very little efforts young boy's penis will be auto-rubbed hard to give intense orgasmic pleasure and simultaneous release of orgasmic juices from both sides. It means only pleasure and no pain on either side. In contrast, fucking a young and in-experienced or ill-experienced girl gives more pains to the girl than pleasure and hence less cooperation to the fucking boy, resulting into harder labour input by young boy with non-commensurate return of pleasure. Possibly this is the reason why young boys like JACKJ361 love to fuck mature girls overloaded with saliva-producing meat all around. This is quite normal.
answered Aug 12, 2011 by mr-mukesh_arya (250 points)
commented Feb 19, 2012 by muthukumar1983 (385 points)
friend, While studying your answer my organ really erected a lot. you have used appropriate words.
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my frnd dis is not a dises it a kind of personality..u thought like like dat bocz matured woman know all things abt sex..nd they give more plauser than u choose women..good chose dear
answered Aug 16, 2011 by rj das (125 points)
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hey buddy don't worry i too had same problem. i don't say it as a problem bcoz every man had thought of having sex with mature lady. Its normal bcoz mature lady will be looking some what sexy with right amount of fat in right propotion,some may have big butt,some may have huge boobs, or some may having seductive hips, these r the things which a man likes. But all young women don't have this. Enjoy their figures while doing mastrubation but don't go for them bcoz they are double edged sword.
answered Aug 18, 2011 by buffalohunk (310 points)
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same with me also dude,my id is [email protected],i like aunties with big boobs and gaand,and sexxy figure
answered Aug 29, 2011 by harixx65 (105 points)
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same with me, but dont wry, it will get solved with time.
when we would get a wife and we will get to fuck her often, our fantasies would reduce
answered Sep 25, 2011 by manan (1,670 points)
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I dont see a problem with that. A young girl can give you a tight pussy, thats all. But a matured woman can teach you how to have sex, that will eventually help you in future.
Sex is not just 1-2-1-2 exercise, there are lot of tricks and techniques involved.  I suggest you, ever get a chance to fuck a matured lady (of course not a family member), have sex and watch out her every movement.  You can learn a lot.
For young girls, rather than young guys, get a older man, you can learn.

This is not encouraging you to do, its a choice I am putting forward, give with an option what you should chose.
answered Sep 25, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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2 fuk a matured women is great exp. than 2 fuk a girl try it
answered Nov 3, 2011 by wetlove (125 points)
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A mature woman can teach you a lot of things about sex and sexuality.
answered Nov 23, 2011 by zena69 (1,825 points)
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i like both young nd mature,,,,i see all females so lovely , sweet nd adorable. but so far i don have ny exp of sex yet,,,pray 4 me 2 have exp soon.
answered Dec 5, 2011 by prince2050 (110 points)
commented Jan 5, 2012 by savita (1,510 points)
moved Apr 15, 2014 by longhands1
One have its own choice.So you can go further if you like as the matured woman helps you to make some more straight one.
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my own personal  opinion. below 25 you like anything in a skirt. above 25 you like only newly married women and no girls. at 30 plus, anyone below 50 kg is a reject. to sum up if you want to handle someone's boob at least it should fit in your hand and should weigh at least 200 grams. I have seen boobs of girls and felt nothing when touched them. Thats why many people likt mature women.
answered Feb 19, 2012 by pradeep galgali (130 points)
commented Feb 19, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
moved Apr 15, 2014 by longhands1
I myself is trying to find cure of this problem. I am very much attracted towards cougar.

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