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Is hairy pubic area sexy?

asked Dec 25, 2014 in Questions by dudeshetty (125 points)
edited Dec 25, 2014 by longhands1


I am 27 and my girlfriend is 26. We are getting married soon. We both have never shaved our pubic hair in our lifetime and find it very sexy and kinky. Is there anything wrong in keeping hairy bushes?

Can someone explian the pros and cons of keeping hairy pussy / penis or having all the hair shaved.


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commented Dec 26, 2014 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
it is based on your interest no one can say it is wrong when the both partners are on word and are interested in a thing then what is wrong

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5 Answers

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very interesting topic for me. in fact we too belong to same category. i assume most of indians live this way. by saying indians, i mean 80%.. when i was at teen, i was thinking shaving in pubic area is a taboo.

we never intend to shave pubic area in future too.

-pardon for small letters,mobile typing
answered Dec 26, 2014 by coolncute (880 points)
selected Dec 26, 2014 by dudeshetty
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Some people find a lot of pubic hair extremely sexy or sensual. The same goes for hairy legs, chest, backs and even butts. Most guys have hairy crotches, a few trim and very few shave and same with girls. It is normal nothing to be ashamed of. What you both need to do is maintain utmost hygiene otherwise, it will make intricate for both you in future. If you both are happy then there is nothing in the wrong. Overall, there is nothing to be concerned.
answered Dec 26, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (22,945 points)
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Fully hairy Pussy won't suit me Atleaat. Clean shaved is good. Lips shaved but a patch left over vulva is better. It looks natural and its erotic. Maybe that's why most female pornstars keep it.
And as far as men are considered, I prefer to keep mine clean because I think women prefer it that way.
answered Dec 26, 2014 by vicky275 (180 points)
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Pubic hair pros:
1) your girlfriend and you like/love it.
2) you don't have to bother yourself about "man scaping" or grooming the pubic area.
3) you can avoid the post shaving itching that commonly occurs.

Pubic hair cons :
1) because the pubic area is covered for most of the day, the extra hair gives an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to grow.
2) the bacteria and fungus buildup will cause a bad odour
3) the penis length is hidden by the pubic hair, if a man shaves off his pubic hair then the penis will look lengthier
4) tougher to find the vagina
5) on performing oral sex , you might swallow/choke on the partners public hair.

You can avoid the microorganism buildup in the pubic area by just cleaning the area with soap or water twice a day and wear clean, loose and airy cotton undergarments.

Some people don't like it because they don't want to traverse a jungle to find the treasure.
If you guys find the others pubic hair sexy or a turn then you should keep it, to each man his own I would say.
answered Dec 26, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
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Shaving the pubic area is a personal choice and would depend on your partner's comments. Many women like a scrotum covered with hair and some men like their partners bush as it gives the pubic area a sexy look and ensures that the vaginal lips are hidden from view. In any case always keep the pubic area clean. If you feel that shaving will help you to achieve that then go ahead. Remember however that there will be a stubble for a few days which will be scratchy and also irritating.

Men who like to perform cunnilingus on their partner, generally like a bald pussy, as the irritating hair does not get into their mouths together with the juices. Women who want to give a blowjob to their men also like if the scrotum area is shaved or at least the hair is trimmed. All those who have got a strand of hair in their mouths will agree about the uncomfortable feeling and the difficulty in trying to remove it.

Vaginal hair was presumed to be there to trap dirt and bacteria from entering the vagina. In summer, it makes sense to keep the pubic hair trimmed and short. This reduces perspiration and hence germs and odour.

 I do understand your need for trimming or shaving your pubic hair. Especially if you are going swimming or wearing shorts or need to change in the locker room. It is also advised for hygiene and health. It is also believed that sex is great after a clean shave down there.

Vaginal hair was also presumed to give off pheromones, these are scents that attract a male to a female.

Shaving is the easiest option. You can shave anytime, anywhere. You do not have to plan in advance. Waxing is another option. But skin sensitivity has to be checked. Some skin is very delicate and waxing becomes painful. Laser is also an option. But this painful and rather expensive. So we come back to the shaving option.

There are razors available for women especially for shaving. Get your partner to shave you. It is nicely sensual and helps bonding. You have to be gentle though. The pubic area is not like the hair on the face which is rough and coarse. 

Our opinion does not matter, yours does.

answered Dec 26, 2014 by longhands1 (77,195 points)

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