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Can kissing a stranger cause AIDS?

asked Dec 24, 2014 in Questions by Aashish365 (130 points)
edited Dec 25, 2014 by longhands1

I am 25 years old. About 5 days ago, I kissed a known woman in exchange for some bucks, which she asked for. I kissed her for about 20 minutes and also had a blowjob, but did not have sex.

Since then, I have got a strange feeling on my lips and due to this I am scared. I don't get an erection while watching porn or any woman.

Is this some kind of sexual problem?


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4 Answers

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Certain Body fluid from an HIV infected person transmit HIV.

Semen (cum)
Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum)
Rectal fluids
Vaginal fluids
Breast milk

Deep mouth kissing with the infected person if she has sores or bleeding gum and blood is exchanged can transmit HIV. It doesn't get transmitted thru  Saliva. So just chill. Don't worry. Ur problem is more of a psychological one. U don't have any sexual problem. If u r that scared then go n consult a doctor. In future never try to keep a physical relation with any stranger. Always go for Protected one and Be safe.
answered Dec 25, 2014 by Diwash (775 points)
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Diseases transferred by kissing are many but not limited to
1)Herpes most commonly
2)Human papilloma virus that causes penile and cervical cancer
6)ebstein Barr virus aka kissing disease
These are only some of the diseases

The risks
1) hpv, herpes and ebsteins are transferred very frequently and has a high rate of infection and their risk of transferring is more than 25-50%
2) HIV, syphillis and gonorrhoea can be transferred if there are any cuts on the lips or if mouth ulceration is present , and the risk of them transferring by kissing is less than 5%

With the exception of gonorrhoea and syphilis no other disease will cause any problems within 5 days. And these are easily treated . Syphilis can be cured with one injection and gonorrhoea by using 1 week course of tablets. Next time describe a symptom, use a specific word and not just "strange".

The risk of transfer of stds are similar/slightly higher in case of oral sex where the male is a receiver.

And you are not able to maintain an erection due to the stress of the above problem.
Stress always causes over activation of the sympathetic nervous system which causes a penis to be flaccid.
Once you get over the stress due to this issue, you will be normal again
answered Dec 25, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
edited Dec 25, 2014 by Drdrip09
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This is mere psychological and nothing to do with your kiss with that lady! Do you masturbate a lot? That might be the reason for insensitivity in your penis!

I wonder that you're 25 but you still don't know that a person doesn't get infected with AIDS by kissing! Its pure middle school science dude! Comeon grow up dude!

Let me guess, you're shit scared after the kiss right? Oh don't be! You don't have to worry about anything! Live your life, your work and all that stuff.

If you're still not convinced then I suggest you to go and see a doctor. But I don't think you need that!

Take care! God bless you!
answered Dec 25, 2014 by confusioninmind (1,370 points)
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Dear aashish365 by  your question i can understand that you are not aware of HIV-AIDS, So let me explain you about the HIV-AIDS, How it is transmitted and its symptoms of HIV-AIDS

What is HIV?
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that destroys  the function of the body’s immune system making the person to cause infections. Unless treated, it develops into Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The virus infects humans when it comes in contact with the vagina, anal area, mouth and eyes, or through a break in the skin.

What is AIDS?
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is not a disease itself. It is a condition caused by HIV in which the body’s immune system fails to fight(stop) microorganisms that are entered the body from out side. This leads to various infections. It is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.
How long does it take for HIV infection to develop into AIDS?
The time taken for HIV infection to develop into AIDS varies widely between individuals. The majority of HIV infected people will develop signs of HIV related diseases within 5 to 10 years, if left untreated. However, HIV infection can take 10–15 years or longer to progress into AIDS.

How is HIV transmitted?
HIV infection is spread from person to person when human blood and sexual fluids (semen and vaginal secretions) are shared. HIV can be transmitted through:
Unprotected sexual intercourse
Transfusion of contaminated blood
Sharing of contaminated needles
Sharing infected needles for tattoos
Oral sex (the chances of HIV transmission through oral sex are low am not saying that it ant be transmitted through oral sex )
From HIV infected mother to her child during pregnancy, child birth or breast feeding

The virus cannot survive for long outside the human body and dies quickly(5 sec to 10 sec) when the body fluid or blood in which it is contained dries up. This is why it can’t be spread by insects, The virus does not live in saliva, tears, urine. Hence, casual contact with these body fluids does not be spread HIV. Hugging, shaking hands, or sharing personal objects, food or water does not transmit HIV.

Some of the signs that HIV is turning into AIDS include:
Persistent fever
Extreme laziness not related to stress or lack of sleep
Persistent diarrhea
Severe malnutrition, losing weight
Swollen glands in the neck, groin, etc.
Difficulty in swallowing
Oral thrush
Headache, confusion and forgetfulness etc.
i think you are now clear about the HIV-AIDS

now your situation is not caused by the HIV-AIDS because no mentioned symptoms are seen in you, The problem your facing now are caused by another thing for that you better consult a doctor its my advice as a doctor so that he can check your body and solve your problem or else u have to face problems

answered Dec 25, 2014 by abhi14343 (1,835 points)
edited Dec 25, 2014 by abhi14343

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