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How do I control my secret lust for my aunt?

asked Dec 10, 2014 in Questions by nishantchowdhury26 (120 points)
edited Dec 10, 2014 by longhands1

Hello Anjali aunty,

Things were quite normal in my life a couple of years earlier. I had a girlfriend. I had a clear mind and most of all I did not have a  secret uncontrolled desire. My uncle (my father's brother) got maried and this secret desire is for my aunt. Intially, I did not bother much about my aunt but then a couple of events have fired my lust.

It all began 2 years after her marriage. It was my summer vacations and I went to my village home. On this perticular day, I woke up late from my sleep and for quiet some time, I could hear the water handpump behind our house squeaking loudly. I got up and went to check on it from the bedroom facing the handpump. That first peak left me astounded. There stood my aunt close to the handpump all wet from head to toe. I could see right through the shawl she wore. With each gush of water pouring down her naked flesh, this secret desire arose, and so like the typical 'Peeping Tom', I kept ogling her secretly and even worse got to clicking her pictures.

This continued for a couple of days, after which I think my aunt understood that I secretly looked at her, but she acted as if she knew nothing. This got me bolder and I continued my activities. Slowly, I began talking to her, joking with her and even staring at her at dinner to which again she did not react. Whenever, I was back in Mumbai, I kept fantasizing about her and my mind just wouldnt stop thinking about sleeping with her.

At every opportunity I got, I rushed home without delay and satisfied myself by ogling at her. I helped her with household chores and would brush my fingers on her bare waist or when I had to hand her a plate, I would slowly caress her hand from under the plate or when my baby cousin would be in her arms, I would go up to my cousin pretending to pamper him but in turn, I would take to caressing her breasts, to which again there was no objection. She would often smile when I did all of these things .

Then on a hot Summer's day my aunt called me to her room asking me to fix her ceiling fan. I placed the stool under the fan and got onto it and while fixing the fan, I looked down and saw her bare back with just a thin blouse in between. Having fixed the fan, I gathed some courage and bent down from the stool and began rubbing my hand over her back. She began giggling and pushed my hand away saying that my uncle would kill her if he found her this way. So I got down from the stool and sat down on the sofa while she stood facing me. I gathered some courage and caught her by her arms. Pushing her towards the wall, I inched my face closer to her but she refused with that same giggle. I tried kissing again and yet again but it did'nt happen .

I did not want to force her, so I just left her there and ran out of the room. I still stare at her and at times she too looks at me. Often when I do not look at her she begins revealing her bare legs in the most normal of ways or gives me a peek of her cleavage. I tried approaching her yet again but it proved futile.

What does she want? I can't think straight. Why does her erotic imaginary images continue flaring in my mind? How do I get over all of these? What do I want? I want to sleep with her but is it ethical? How do I sleep with her? Please help me as all these things are taking a toll on my mental well being.

Thank you, Anjali Aunty in advance.

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4 Answers

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Where is the perplexity? Everything seems to be in line, as she wants something from you so as you. As per your portrayal, I think she does not mind to have something intimate with you. Ethically it is not right so if you are man of principles then this is not for you. You should take first step to go ahead as she already gives you enough hits and being a woman, you should not expect more from her. If I were in your place, I would have done what you are longing to do. Just rethink about your decency.
answered Dec 10, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (25,205 points)
commented Dec 21, 2014 by nishantchowdhury26 (120 points)
The perplexity lies in my stupid sense of morality. I know that I want to sleep with her but this stupid morality. I try my best to divert my mind but eventually I am back to square one. What do I do?
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Well it's quite obvious that u want to fuck her. She also seems to be interested in u. I think a little push from ur side will end up in sex. Obviously it's not ethical to fuck ur own aunt. Well ur temptation needs to be controlled. U should try to stay away from her. Everytime u r near her just don't pay attention to her. It's hard to say than done but trust me dude the relationship that involves family member only brings tensions in ur family. If u get exposed then ur family member may forgive u but she won't be. Think abt her kids. I m not talking abt morality. Any man can get attracted to any woman. But need to be thoughtful so that u don't have to regret later on. The way u trying to walk will lead to dead end only. So change ur path before it changes ur life.

answered Dec 10, 2014 by Diwash (795 points)
commented Dec 16, 2014 by nishantchowdhury26 (120 points)
I guess should divert my attention towards something else. I just don't want to regret later. Though she's hot and all of that I just should drop the idea of sleeping with her.
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No matter what we tell you you have decided that you will not be giving up the idea of fucking her. You are too obsessed with her and all you think when awake is her or to be more specific her sexy , alluring body .

             So morality aspects apart tell us if ever you guys got caught are you brave enough to stand by her side and marry her if she is forced to leave her kid n hubby? I agree that given the circimstances a little force from your side will get you the desired result but first you have to be real ready to face and accept the consequenses .

          If caught by your family they might .... just might forgive you owing to fact that you are a son of that family but believe me she will never be forgiven . she will loose eeveything that she have and then if you too turn your back to her then it will be real disaster for her.

 Consider all this scenerio before taking any action. And if you try to seduce her and ever after and if you suceed always be absolutely sure that no one ever going to catch you in the act. But in family it is just next to impossible to keep it hidden for long. Eventually cheaters get caught .

So take all this into consideration and best of luck .Keep us updated .


answered Dec 10, 2014 by prashant69 (7,050 points)
commented Dec 21, 2014 by nishantchowdhury26 (120 points)
I do try my best to divert my attention but it's just so hard. With the ever building work pressure these days I stay busy most of the time but even then I feel that strong urge to sleep with her. Why can't I just let go off her?
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You should distance yourself from her. She would land in serious trouble if her husband catches you both red handed. And so will you.
You just want to have sex with a woman. Go to a prostitute and pay her for her services. There are many cheap prostitutes in India who offer quality sex. The prostitutes might not look sexy but they are pleasurable.
answered May 6, 2015 by Viral69 (180 points)

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