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How to handle my Brother-in-law's son who tried to have sex with me?

asked Dec 9, 2014 in Questions by Poonam1980 (120 points)
edited Dec 10, 2014 by longhands1

Hi Anjali,

I am a 34 year old married woman with 3 children. I work as a Ladies' tailor from my home. My husband stays In Dubai and comes to India for 1 month in a Year. We have sex every night when he is here.

We live in a joint Family with 10 members. My elder Brother-In-law's son who is 20 years old is very friendly with me. He cares too much for me and I too care too much for him. He sleeps in my room because of space shortage. I watch TV till 1 pm and we sleep on one bed.

Last week, when I was sleeping, he started pressing my boobs and fingering my vagina and licking my body and kissed my lips. As I was asleep, I enjoyed it a lot as I also had sexual urges. Then he started to put his penis while we were clothed, to my ass hole and jerked for sometime. The whole night he was trying to have sex and was kissing me.

In the morning he was not making eye contact with me and ow he sleeps on the floor of the room. As a woman, I too have sexual urges. I also want to have sex with him. Is it right or what to do?

Please help me in my situation.


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7 Answers

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Poonam its not right to have relation with your BIL, but i know masturbation or sex toys do not make you feel the real thing,so decided before u leap
answered Dec 9, 2014 by manmumbai41 (450 points)
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Poonam , As I think so there are 2 answers ..
1 -By Heart
As you  are  a woman and  you  have every right to have  your  sex life to be enjoy! So you  can go for relation with your  Bro-In-Law'So he may fullfil ur desires & you  might b happy to have  relation with him .
2 -By Brain
You  live in a joint family There are chances to be caught Or you  may get pregnant & other risks & if your children catch you  having sex with ur Bro-In-Law'So you  will b in guilt & if can cause a big trouble...

In short it is up to you  to Hv relation or not with him From my point view Enjoy ur Bed & be satisfied ....
answered Dec 9, 2014 by mhdadil (155 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

mhdadil, Why you using SMS language? We have no constraint for space. So avoid using it. It really irritates to edit  and to read too! Its not that we can not edit it, we can always do it. But do not use such language in future!

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Your husband stays away, as a woman, you have your own needs which is but obvious and natural. Now, you can go ahead and ask your nephew to screw you but then keep one thing in mind that sex within the family is always dangerous because there is a great risk of getting caught and then  that you live with 10 people in a joint family it  would be  much bigger a risk. Because the chances of others knowing it are high.

Regarding your needs, I suggest that you should ask your husband to come back or maybe you can go to Dubai and live with him. And that you even know sewing or something and I'm sure you must be a qualified lady, you can even work there while with him which ensures full use of your qualification and talent.

See Poonam, what I'm going to say now, I may seemtoo a yoing  to say this but then I think just as you have your needs even your husband must be having his needs and if he is not into any EMA (extra-marital affair), what you're doing is you are cheating him. Think about it!

At last, leaving the morality part aside, you can get fucked up by anybody but I seriously think it should not be your nephew because there is a great risk of being caught and the consequences would be dangerous! For instance, they won't affect you but may affect your children seriously! And what I just told you about you being with him, I think you should give it a thought seriously.

Anyways, take care! God bless you!
answered Dec 9, 2014 by confusioninmind (1,405 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by Poonam1980 (120 points)
Thanks to all of you answered & after thinking I have decided I will be a One-Man-Wife & will not Cheat my Husband For my sexual urge Toys & fingering Will help me a lot Thankyou for opening my eyes.
commented Dec 9, 2014 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

Poonam , You being a brand new member of this site (4 hours only in fact) you might have not noticed a rule that questioner can not 'ANSWER ' his/ her own question. You can comment only on this particular question. And one more thing is you can opt to choose any answer as best answer. But a word of caution though that once best answer is chosen question automatically gets closed and no further answers could be added even if one want to answer. So ensure that you have got sufficient answers before choosing it and please take couple of days before selecting it . So everyone gets enough opportunity to participate .

commented Dec 9, 2014 by confusioninmind (1,405 points)
Thats really nice Poonam. I don't know about others but I'm very happy to hear this! Thats lovely. And it was really sweet of you to have acknowledged our efforts. It means alot to all of us. I'm sure all will agree to this especially our moderator!
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Ethically it is not right to have sex with anyone except your husband. It is up to you what stand would you like to take as you have a great opportunity to have sex with him daily. If you are able to cope up with guilt later on then I think you may go ahead but refrain yourself if you are not able  to handle the situation later on. You have crossed the limit already so I am not telling what you should do now. If I were in your place, I will go with him and have sex with him.
answered Dec 10, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)
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Hi i think you should not be doing  this. At the beginning  we like this but after sometime it can create problems . So maintain the distance from your brother in law's  son.
answered Dec 10, 2014 by rehanmystrey (205 points)
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Well ur question should be how to control ur own sexual urges towards ur nephew?? U have to decide whether u want to take it to next level or stop it right here. Forget about morality. Tell me how can u keep a secret in ur so called Joint Family. If people come to know of this they will treat u as a whore. If u are bold enough to face the situation then u can go ahead with it. U r a mother. Think of ur kids too. Since u nephew hasn't repeated the activities so no need to talk to him. If he again tries to do it then stop him. Sex is definitely an important part but it's better if we keep this away from our family members. If u have sexual urges then call ur hubby to come back soon or u can fuck someone who isn't related to u.

Take Care
answered Dec 12, 2014 by Diwash (795 points)
commented Jul 17, 2015 by popuranjit (100 points)
i think if it is comfertable with you you should enjoy it have sex with him you will enjoy.
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then do it i think that will satisfy your sexual needs
believe me
answered Jan 5, 2017 by gilbert (115 points)

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