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Why are Indians getting obsessed with incest fantacies and chats?

asked Nov 23, 2014 in Questions by sgupta (265 points)
edited Nov 23, 2014 by longhands1


I have been observing that over the past couple of years, Incest fantacies in India have been on the rise. You can see the blogs and stories where people bring out their darkest desires anonymously and the number is increasing. There are lot of forums where people don't even spare their mothers and sisters; I have even seen people abusing them in Hindi slangs.

Even if you search fb, the number of fake accounts and groups with incest is overwhelming. And they all want to make their moms and sisters whores, chat dirty about them and do not even hesitate to post dirty pictures and tag them as their moms and sisters. This is ridiculous!!!

Why is this happening so rampantly? Any thoughts? Are people going crazy about this forbidden desire?


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2 Answers

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Hellom One of the reasons for this increasing obsession with incest could be proloferation of incest sites ans watching them.Years back , internet and porn throgh stories and sites were not available, but is, now ans people are watching them. It is hard not to get influenced by what you see frequently. One may start thinking that incest is a normal activity after getting addicted to such sites. And you can notice that some incest videos are true also.

When a man is an an aroused state he may not be in position to care who the woman is, as all that he needs is sex. After all human beings are biological creatures, and they live out their fantasies/ desires through stories and chats.
Any thing forbidden is sweeter and that could be another reason. Yet another reason is sexual frustration especially after seeing a lot of porn and not being able to get their desires satisfied.And if all family members are watching porn( need not be together) their sense of what is right/normal and what is not, may get blurred and
such activities may take place.After the advent of internet a slow but sure revolution regarding ones approach to sex is taking place, even in India.For a man sex is between his ears, there is a saying. In other words his thoughts/ confidence/ self esteem etc play a role. May some people want extreme type of sexual stimuli/ thoughts to get aroused/ satisfaction.( long back when i was taking medications for depression i had to think of extreme type of sex to get aroused/ ejaculation, as the medications affected nerve functions.) Here may alcohol, or too much sex or too much viewing of porn making people in need of this type extreme/ incest type of sex to get satisfaction.
Finally, who can say this type of sex/ incest is not happening in India too, in situations where inhibitions vanish.
These days many cases of child abuses by family members are being reported in the Media and I think such incidents are on the rise, due to the influence of incest sites in the internet.So this is a vicious circle, it seems.
Is it not true that the innate desire for sex  is stronger than inhibitions ?
answered Nov 23, 2014 by sumitran9 (1,640 points)
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Dear S,

In India the Era of sexuality has been started from few years after evolution of Internet and other related medium.. Country like us are rudimentary in thinking that leads to shyness.

As far as the incest is considered people want to explore various ways of sexual excitement... They are observing  a girl or a women as a Sexual element.  This is the impact of various porn movies and literature.  
I want to  give an example of a porn movie that was about married women and young boys vice versa.  You can't forcefully stop it but take initiative to minimize the damage.  .. In addition to this there are other issues come from into limelight that leads to suicide and other extreme activities.
answered Nov 25, 2014 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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