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Why do I get wet so fast?

asked Nov 10, 2014 in Questions by Meoow (245 points)
edited Nov 10, 2014 by longhands1

I get wet very fast. Why is it? Am I weak or something? Or is it some disease? I have phone sex with my partner and when he says that he is kissing me, as soon as I imagine that kiss, I am wet down there.

Why does this happen so quickly?" Do I need some treatment? Am I weak?


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featued question
commented Nov 10, 2014 by rohit.sharma786 (925 points)
Dear maew
This is the god gift for you. I wish that my gf will able to do it . And i think your partner will enjoy more than you
commented Dec 1, 2014 by marathicpl32 (230 points)
you are blessed with something good , why complaint about it ?

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8 Answers

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Have you heard about Pavlovs *** salivation test ?? What he did in simple terms , he gave a *** some food and rang a bell simultaneously, this made the *** associate food with a ringing bell together
So, the next time he rang the bell, the *** started salivating , even without the presence of the food, because the *** has associated food with the ringing bell, the *** started to salivate and it's body started to prepare to consume the food by salivating

So, very similarly, when you have sexual thoughts or have phone sex, the body associates this with actual physical sex and prepares the body for physical intimacy by signalling the glands in your vagina to start excess production of fluids to lubricate the vaginal walls and as a consequence, outside the vagina as well

And being weak or having diseases will actually decrease your lubrication of the vaginal walls, this is due to the reason that in any condition of stress to the body, the body will actively conserve the most important constituent of the body which is water. So, you're not weak or have any diseases, you are in fact healthy to say te least.
As long as the discharge isn't pus like, you have no problems and you need no treatment whatsoever
answered Nov 10, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
selected Apr 22, 2015 by Meoow
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You are as normal as normal can be. The problem would be if you did not get wet when you thought about sex. When a woman becomes sexually aroused or excited, her body goes through various changes to help her prepare for sex – even though it may only be phone sex that you are having at the moment. The vagina begins to lubricate, which means it starts getting wet.

Vaginal lubrication largely comes through the vaginal walls, with the fluids having originally been a part of the blood that flows to the genitals and pelvic area during a sexual arousal.

Estrogen is the reason for the production of vaginal lubrication. Women who have higher natural levels of estrogen, such as young women, tend to lubricate more easily and in greater amounts than women who have lower levels of estrogen. Women who are breastfeeding or who are taking low estrogen birth control pills may experience more difficulty with vaginal lubrication, as do many women who are in menopause.

Even among young, healthy women who have sufficient estrogen, the experience of vaginal lubrication is not the same for all women. Some women may lubricate more because they spend more time in sexual arousal.

Perhaps you are more easily excitable, find a wider range of things to be sexually arousing or get excited earlier in the process. You may have naturally higher levels of estrogen than others. Estrogen production can be influenced by genetics, by body fat and by normal variations in the menstrual cycle.

Some women who lubricate quite a lot enjoy it or look to it as a sign of their sexual excitement. Other women find that it may be enjoyable up to a point but that too much lubrication can interfere with vaginal sensation, their ability to “feel” their partner during intercourse or a male partner’s ease of staying inside their vagina during sex.

Just relax. There is nothing wrong with you. Your partner may enjoy your lubrication more than you.

answered Nov 10, 2014 by longhands1 (76,960 points)
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Meow, What I personally feel is that you have any issue. However, I'm not a physician. I can guess that this is normal behavior as far as I came across. Even my ex gf used to tell , she was too moodly and she cummed in bus while travel (we had a sex chat by then). As longlands explained, there is difference between getting wet by phone sex/ masturbation and by sex . So no need to worry !! Have a excellent phone fucking session !! Good luck . Thewetindworld.
answered Nov 10, 2014 by thewetindworld (565 points)
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Please don't think there's anything wrong with you, quite the contrary, your body is reacting exactly as it should when you are sexually aroused.

You are sexually matured, and naturally, as you imagine the most delicious sexy things you'd like to do, the brain issues instructions to your reproductive system to prepare for sex. Your nipples get hard and more sensitive, your  breasts probably swell slightly, and feel good if you fondle them, your face will flush from excitement. Your heart rate will accelerate, and the lips of your vagina will puff up and deepen in colour as blood flow increases, and, when you are ready for sex, the lubricating fluids in your vagina start to flow, to allow for penetration. The only thing missing is a partner to satisfy your needs. I'm sure that your fingers or a penis substitute help you to reach orgasm, and if you're not masturbating, why not????

You're fine, there's nothing wrong, and if you love your boyfriend, get proper contraceptive advice (PLEASE, NOT EMERGENCY IPILLS), and enjoy time together, rather than just talking about it!!!




answered Nov 10, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Nov 12, 2014 by saurav137 (100 points)

This is perfectly natural thing. I wish my gf can able to do it. Who ever your partner is the luckiest guy in the planet.



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There is a term "cactus pussy" which means there is an absolute lack of fluids that lubricate pussy and make the moving of cock to and fro pleasurable. On that case, you have to use external lubricants in order to have sex. Your getting wet do fast means two, you are a good Fuck who will give and get nice pleasure in love making. Second, your partner clicks you in the right way and the right points. There is nothing wrong with you, my dear. And yes, your partner is a fortunate guy.
answered Nov 12, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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from what i can make out of your question, it appears that, you are very sensitive to arousal, prima-facie.
also, since you are having phone-sex, suggests that you are need for sex is not fulfilled so that supports the presence of horniness. so as a result of enhanced sensitivity combined with horniness, must be resulting in getting wet simply at the visualisation of a kiss.
answered Nov 17, 2014 by s_69lover (110 points)
commented Nov 19, 2014 by unni_110 (300 points)

its natural... even my GF has the same whenever we do phone sex she gets wet immediately and she cannot resist masterbating..


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commented Dec 13, 2014 by viveka (105 points)
Its natural...enjoy it. Why to worry?
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Dear friend , you  have  asked  a  strange  question here  as you  are wet just  hearing  your  boyfriend saying  the word   kissing.   Nowadays  men have  to spend  a lot of time  to make the private part  wet.You  are  very  sensitive to here  some words and  thinking of  the word intercourse. Mostly  it takes  10  to 15  minutes for  a girls genitals  to become wet.  You and  your  boyfriend are very lucky. By the  by  please  avoid phone  sex  and try to get married to that boy soon and have a nice married life.
answered Dec 13, 2014 by kovalan (125 points)
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there is nothing to be worried... it proves that you have right combination of hormones and all the organs are working properly.... getting horny easily is not a disease actually boys like it.. my girlfriend is much like you she gets wet easily through phone and we enjoy it by masturbating... just enjoy...
answered Dec 13, 2014 by unni_110 (300 points)

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