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My nephew is pleading with tears in his eyes. Should I give in?

asked Nov 6, 2014 in Questions by susan.1980 (125 points)
edited Nov 6, 2014 by longhands1

My nephew is 19 years old. He loves me a lot and helps me in all house hold things. I take care of him like my son as I dont have a son. Last month everything changed when he forced me take promise, that I wil not tell any thing to any body.

He has requested something very secret and told me that he wants to suck my breasts. He told me that he had even seen my breasts and he wants to see them again and feel them and suck them. I just slapped him and there were tears in his eyes.

From that day he is not talking to me. What do I do? I do not want to hurt him. Please suggest.


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commented Nov 6, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
I'm not an expert in relationships, but if your family comes to know of the incestous affair, then your whole family will break up
If you can live with that consequence , go ahead

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5 Answers

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Hi Susan

Well ur nephew ain't some 4 years old. So it clear that he has been attracted to u sexually. He is blackmailing u emotionally. It depends upon u how u want to solve the problem. I am sure if u start letting him suck ur breast it would end up in love making. In my opinion just wait for some more time till he gets cool down and talk to him like a mother. Maybe he understands that time.

If u succumb to his emotional blackmail now he will always take advantage. Remember at 18/19 people are
 volatile and as a guardian it's ur responsibility to show him the right direction.

Diiwash M S
answered Nov 6, 2014 by Diwash (775 points)
selected Nov 8, 2014 by susan.1980
commented Jan 16, 2015 by reshma (100 points)
yes he is attracted to your breast. if you allow him you will end up having sex with him. If you can control him you can let him mouth your boobs and a little pleasure since you are also starved.
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Hi lady....i think u shud go for it.....whts wrng in dat.....its not intercourse right......its just in the understanding and ur thinking.......first try to know if he's feeling sexual or innocent.....then its ur wishh......
answered Nov 6, 2014 by farhaan (130 points)
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hi susan as you have mentioned in your profile both you and your sisters husband works in abroad its seems you also have some desire for sex but one thing i would like to tell you once u will start this im sure your nephew will not stop because at this age his desires will increase now he wants to suck your breast after few days he wants to lick your pussy then he wants you to give him a blowjob and then he will fuck you every time so think about that first and as you said u lives with your sister what if she caught you in this action sex is good but within family its dangerous try to find a boy friend outside and fulfill your desire but don't allow your nephew.

best of luck.
answered Nov 6, 2014 by handsomepr (180 points)
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Good you slapped him! You should always do that which you think is correct! But, I feel you shouldn't have slapped him, he is a teenager and you know it better than me how teenagers are. Attraction towards opposite sex is common in youth but then you should've explained it to him nicely about this.

Though the past action is out of control, you can just go, talk to him and explain him that you were really upset by his statement and you didn't like what he did. I agree he was wrong but as an elder you've to forgive him and move ahead.

He is young and is bound to make mistakes. You are the one who has to refrain him from falling prey to wrong things!

Take care! God bless you!
answered Nov 6, 2014 by confusioninmind (1,370 points)
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He has developed obsession for your boobs and you cannot make him stop without hurting him. You cannot deal with this subject softly because he will get hurt. If he is not talking to you than you let him be, like this way since he has done oversight so he has to be sorry. If you try to persuade him then he will again insist for the same. With passing time, he will understand and will be apologetic to you. Do not pay attention to his deed just ignore him. Be normal and relaxed. You are not wrong by slapping him and did a right thing, as his demand was extremely intolerable. Stay firm on your decision, there is no need to succumb to his demand. You are like her mother and treated her like son thus it is your moral responsibility not support him in his wrongdoing.
answered Nov 6, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)

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