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How to give my girlfriend a good massage?

asked Oct 31, 2014 in Questions by bhavesh (750 points)
edited Nov 1, 2014 by longhands1

I know that, man has only two arousal points, his brain and his tool. But in case of a woman, there are a lot more arousal points.

My question is, I want to give a good massage to my partner before / after having sex. So could you please tell me the areas where there are nerve endings so I could massage them?


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The art of giving a woman a massage is often overlooked by men in a hurry to penetrate and attain self satisfaction. But women love massage and sex. After all, what is a massage? It is touching and loving every part of a woman’s body.   

Before you proceed with a massage, ensure that your partner is in the mood for a massage. Then clean your hands and trim your nails. Have massage oil or lotion, a blindfold and a towel ready. Keep the room warm. Always pour the oil on your hands first to make it warm by rubbing your palms together and then gently rubbing the oil in with circular motion. Wear shorts or underwear rather than being nude. Women like to see the bulge in your pants.

Kissing, licking and warm breath on flesh are usually welcomed with an erotic response. Most men think the vagina, nipples and feet are the only parts that a woman has. However her wrists, fingers, ears, the back of her neck, and the insides of her elbows and knees are equally sensitive to a woman.  Performing the massage in silence, adds to the mood. But do look for signs of discomfort.

Take your time, at least half an hour and read her body language. Do not rush to the clitoris, breasts and labia. You can tease but do not concentrate here. Use a blindfold to heighten her suspense. Massage releases a hormone called oxytocin into the body. Both the one being massaged and the one doing the massage will experience an increase in oxytocin, and the intimate bonding that oxytocin causes.  

While you can start from the top and proceed to the feet, it is better to start with the feet as they are more ticklish. Use firm pressure. Use more oil as feet tend to soak in the oil. Strokes should be upwards towards the heart and the return stroke should be light. She will feel like she is in heaven if she is tired and her feet are sore.

Proceed upwards, till you reach her bum. This is a sensual area, but can take a good deal of pressure. As you move towards the back, avoid using pressure on the spine and work on either side. Do each side individually, and both sides together with similar strokes. Pay special attention to tension areas, the shoulders and neck.

When you finish her back, give her a few strokes from the feet all the way to her head. Let her relax a moment then have her turn over. Use a pillow under her knees. Start with the face and use light fingertip massage tracing her features. Her ears and the side of her neck are especially erotic, so massage these. Then, from the neck to her arms. When you reach her breasts don't grab, but tease her. Move your whole hand over one breast gently, and then move around to the outside edge and around back to the top. Give some special attention to the nipples, but only after you have spent plenty of time on the rest of the breast. Don't squeeze the nipple too firmly. Twisting or tugging may be pleasurable, if done gently.

When you finally reach between her legs, follow the line where leg and groin meet, just barely caressing the edge of her vulva. Go slow, tease; make her want it. If the plan is to end with intercourse, keep massaging her vulva until she begs for that. If you are going to finish her by hand, don’t be in a hurry.

So, do let us know about your next massage experience.

answered Oct 31, 2014 by longhands1 (83,785 points)
selected Nov 4, 2014 by bhavesh
commented Nov 4, 2014 by bhavesh (750 points)
I first search for your answers,sir, always. And thank you for the heap of information. Reading the answer itself did generate some oxytocin. Can't wait to execute this.
commented Nov 4, 2014 by longhands1 (83,785 points)

Thanks Bhavesh for liking my Answer. Hope you will let us know if your girlfriend liked your massage and my Tips!

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