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Is drinking cum good or dangerous for health?

asked Oct 30, 2014 in Questions by sm73572 (125 points)
edited Oct 30, 2014 by longhands1

I am a bi-sexual man. I enjoy sex with both females and males. I want to know whether drinking cum is good or bad for health?
Does this create any serious diseases?

My male partner wants me to drink his  piss. Is drinking piss, good for health?

Please advise me Anjali aunty.


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commented Nov 2, 2014 by avinashglb (155 points)
Dear sm73572,

after reading comments from Drdripo9, i completely agree with him. drinking it will not have any merits/demerits on your body. go ahead and give it a try, best of luck for your cum day....

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2 Answers

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Drinking semen:
The normal amount of semen that the body produces can be from 1ml to 5 ml, it's mainly constituted by fructose and other small constituents
And based on recent research findings, drinking semen isn't bad or good , you won't get benefits from drinking semen or get diseases
However, make sure your partner doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and bacterial infections as these can be transmitted by drinking the semen

Drinking urine:
Drinking urine is considered bad for your health because of the main constituents of urine , which are urea and ammonia
These get absorbed into your blood stream after you drink it and will not allow the normal chemicals to act on your nervous system
Immediate side effects include vomiting and diarrhoea because the brain senses the the increased urea and ammonia in the system and tries to actively remove the source of it by vomiting or increased bowel movement to remove it
Long term side effects will include weakness because it stops the sodium from acting on your nerves and stops the movement of muscles
Later in sever cases the urea can also cause seizures
Basically you'll get the same effects as that of a person with kidney failure , both situations of kidney failure and drinking urine will cause the blood urea and ammonia to rise
Also if the person has any bacterial diseases on this penis , you'll will also get it

Hope you understood from the explanation, so be careful of what your partner asks you to do the time and refuse some unhealthy practices
answered Oct 30, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
selected Oct 31, 2014 by sm73572
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dear user
drinking semen of your partner is not at all harmful semen contains some glucose and sperms and some calcium it is not at all bad for health
whereas drinking pee would not be advisable cause it is a human waste although pee is sterile in itself u can do it once maybe for your partner but it would not be advisable further
answered Oct 30, 2014 by mauliksab (355 points)
commented Nov 2, 2014 by zena69 (1,825 points)
Many men and women like to drink fresh semen while having sex. I myself like to swallow fresh semen (tastes like white part of half-boiled eggs) - I feel more closer to my lover/bf (as he swallows my pussy juices) this way. As for urine, the health effect is still controversial. But I have haerd that one the Indian ex-prime ministers used to drink urine as a part of urine therapy.

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