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Is my girlfriend serious about her brother-in-law?

asked Oct 29, 2014 in Questions by bubby (120 points)
edited Oct 29, 2014 by longhands1

I love a girl and we are in a relationship for the last 2 years. She has a brother-in-law. They both loved each other during their childhood.

Recently she attended her family get together where all her family members were present. At this party she met her brother-in-law after a long time and she gave him, her mobile number and she captured photos with him. She showed me the photos with her brother-in-law.

After 3 days, her brother-in-law messaged her that he wants to take her virginity. She scolded him. Now when we have a fight with each other, she continuously brings up the topic of her brother-in-law.

Does she really have feelings for her brother-in-law? Has she memorised her brother-in-law's mobile number?

Please answer me a perfect answer.


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3 Answers

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Hi bubby
I clearly understood the very first half of your question. Whereas, the second half is pretty confusing and one has to do many assumptions here. We cannot just say whether she has feelings for him just by these set of information, so, Elaboration in the final part is necessary. Make sure you let us know these things, Have you been physical anytime before? Are you resisting being physically intimate nowadays, which in turn results in fight?

I personally feel that she is quiet deprived of physical intimacy from you. This in turn has made her to seek someone else other than you. As that guy is a friend of her since childhood there exists a possibility that she start ignoring you. This discrepancy can only be solved when you talk to her. Make sure you dont speak anything that really turns off her mood..

answered Oct 29, 2014 by rahul007 (270 points)
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She scolds him that means she is not interested in him. She told you everything what has happened between them therefore; she did not want to hide anything from you. You have to discuss with her that she hurts by bringing her brother in laws issue between you both and try to make her understand. She might carry good memory, which she spent with her brother in laws but that does not hint that she still has a feeling for him. Discuss your sensitivity and see her response if she over reacted on your conversation then you should think about your future with her.
answered Oct 29, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (25,955 points)
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Did your girlfriend’s brother-in-law have a child marriage? You say they loved each other during childhood!! What is the difference in their ages?

It is quite obvious that you are getting hyper about a non issue. It shows lack of stability in your relationship. Either your girlfriend wants to make you feel jealous by talking about her brother-in-law or she is giving you signals that she wants to break up with you.

A few photographs together and exchanging of mobile numbers is not a big issue. Remember, they are related and it is natural that at a wedding there will be instances when they bump into each other. However, if you have proof that he sent her a message that he wants to take her virginity (have sex with her) then you should confront him and even speak to your girl friend’s sister and show her the proof you have.

But for all this to happen, you need to understand the stability of your relationship and know how far your girlfriend will stand by your side. You have spoken about your frequent quarrels, but have not told us about the issues involved. If it is about your jealousy and doubting her character, then she has grounds to be annoyed, since she has already told you the truth and her response.

You need to have a long, hard look at your relationship together.      

answered Oct 29, 2014 by longhands1 (83,700 points)

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