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Why did my colleague talk about sex and now has stopped talking to me?

asked Oct 14, 2014 in Questions by saipraveenyadav (120 points)
edited Oct 15, 2014 by longhands1


I tried  my colleague aunty for sex. First she started talking to me about sex. After some days, suddenly now  she is not talking to me.

Can you give some suggestions why did this happen?


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commented Oct 15, 2014 by mkp (135 points)
May be it is possible her husband caught you both nd warn her

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2 Answers

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It is very tough to say the reason for her sudden deprived of, as you have not provided sufficient in sequence about your relationship. You have to tell us in detail about the relationship. In which circumstances has she accepted your sex conversations? There might be any reason for her refusal. There might be possibility that some of your colleague may involve or she might get wrong information about you. Therefore, describe or introspect your relationship in detail, as I am sure the reason must be lying there.
answered Oct 15, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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First, please be elaborative when you ask a question. Tell about the whole situation, like, her age, your profile, after how many days she stopped speaking with you? Is she married? Did you any time cross your limits more than what is expected?
Second, its really unhealthy to flirt with a colleague in a working environment. It spoils your image, permantely!
answered Oct 15, 2014 by rahul007 (270 points)

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