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Does anal sex give women pleasure?

asked Oct 12, 2014 in Questions by sam6464 (145 points)
edited Oct 13, 2014 by longhands1

Does anal sex give women pleasure as it does for men? Do women allow anal sex only to please their man or can they reach orgasm from the act? If it is pleasurable, is it as pleasurable as vaginal sex?


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7 Answers

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First of all, you gotta understand that anal sex is not natural, the anal canal and the rectum isn't meant naturally to allow anything hard in it
It is only meant for as a transit point for stool which is soft and pliable
And two main differences between a vagina and the anal canal
1- the vagina provides natural lubrication which the anal canal cannot
2- the end of the anal canal has two sets tight band of muscles closing the anal canal while a vagina doesn't

Now because of the above two differences , anal intercourse has to be done as gently as possible without damaging the muscle(if it breaks or ruptures, reparing it has to be done surgically and a desired rate of success is not usually obtained) and you have to use a lot of artificial lubrication

And recently there was a study that said about 80% of the women experienced pain the first time of anal sex(70% for vaginal sex)
But 60% of them have found that after repeated anal sex(more than a year) , they found it pleasurable
And not many women did reach an orgasm but they did say it was pleasurable

So based on these stastistics, you can go ahead and may ask your gf or wife to have anal intercourse with you, provided that
- she whole heartedly accepts it (because it's very painful and an involuntary contraction of the anal muscles can cause a break in te muscle )
- you use lots of lubrication(good branded ones )
- wear a condom( anal sex with a female is associated with urinary Tract infection due to the transfer of bacteria from the anal canal to the urinary tract near the vagina )

And like it was said before, anal sex is associated with a higher chance of anal an rectal wall tears , this is the reason why homosexual men are more at risk to
Contract HIV

Personally though , I love vaginal sex more  than anal sex, because it's much smoother and my gf loves it more, and I hated it if she even had a moment if pain
answered Oct 12, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
selected Nov 15, 2014 by longhands1
commented Oct 12, 2014 by konchamchilipiga (145 points)
Nice information Drdrip
commented Nov 15, 2014 by longhands1 (80,310 points)
Good Answer, drip.
commented Nov 16, 2014 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
Thanks, but I liked salma's answer, she put a very practical view on the subject
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It is obvious that men enjoy anal sex for the pleasure it gives them. During anal sex the prostate is stimulated and this gives a man great orgasms. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland which you can feel through the wall of the rectum about five centimetres inside. The anus and rectum are much tighter than the vagina, and that makes penetration a pleasurable sensation for men.

What about women? Women also enjoy anal sex because there are many nerve endings around the anus which makes it very sensitive to touch and stimulation can give intense pleasure. 

So why are many women fussy about having anal sex?

One is the pain involved. Since the anus unlike the vagina, does not have any natural lubrication, you have to use lots of external lubrication.

Second is the woman must be relaxed and have the desire for it. The muscles in the anus involuntarily tighten up when an object is inserted in it. Any sudden movement can hurt the tissues in the anus. Never force a woman for anal sex, till she drops her inhibitions.

Third is the idea that it is a body part that is unclean. Since the rectum inside the anus is a store for stools, proper hygiene is necessary. The bowels need to be cleaned before attempting anal sex. Some women also feel that it will cause bowel incontinence as the anus will expand and the muscles will get loose. Kegels exercise would help.  

Finally the risk of STDs is very high when you have anal sex. Since the anus does not have any natural lubrication, it is possible to get small tears around it when having anal sex. This makes it easy for viruses like HIV to get into the body. One way to avoid this is to always use a condom when having anal sex! And avoid going from the anus to the vagina without washing and changing the condom.  

Anal sex is not as pleasurable as vaginal sex, as the clitoris and the G-spot are in the vagina and a woman achieves orgasm when these are stimulated.

answered Oct 12, 2014 by longhands1 (80,310 points)
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The experience could range from completely boring, un-pleasurable to extremely pleasurable (but, for the guy!). Majority of us (women) do not enjoy anal sex. There are few who really enjoy anal but might be doing it either because they think it will be pleasurable (one time try) Or we might opt for it because porny teenage boys, men pressurise us into it. Maybe they desire anal so as to *copy what they see in pornography*.
The point pondering into guy's head generalizes as:
1) Anal virgin? Wah! (i.e. he is about to get something, which other men didn't)
2) The thought of emulating something he masturbated to in porn turned him on
3) Possible pleasure for him, the idea that it’s “tighter” or some crap-shit

Anus's isn't a second vagina, that could expand, contract taking within its girth a full sized flag-pole... as drdrip mentions above, great risk of rectal tears and passing of STD's. Its rational for first time couple, to stick a finger in, massaging and working without discomfort or injury. I recently visited an country village, where a village lady gave scary account of how normal it was for men into pressurizing their knaive gf/wives into performing sex acts they aren't comfortable with. Some decide to just go in without asking girl's consent (not considering what he did rape).

Final verdict: I would rather drop my skirt to leap over dildos, straddling on it in cowgirl position,
or hook up toy against solid wall structure for back door action but never consider abominable act like anal!
answered Oct 13, 2014 by guru-diva (300 points)
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the answer to your qus is yes,it gives pleasure but it depends.
as per my experience i will tell u that girls in early ages dont like anal sex.they feel it uncomfortable and dirty.but once they start doing it initially it pains but later when they are habitual it can give orgasm too.
i have seen grls in thirties often love doing anal and even enjoy it more thn vaginal.
couples get bored doing vaginal sex daily then they opt it finally and enjoy.
so i feel if a grl tries it she can definitely enjoy it after some times

answered Oct 13, 2014 by seema_28_1 (680 points)
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As a girl who loves anal sex, and everything involving anal pleasures, I can assure you that many women not only enjoy anal penetration, but actually crave for it. The feeling of a big hard cock or dildo deep in my arse is not only a physical delight, but has a psychological aspect in that I feel totally helpless and owned while my arse is being plundered, and for a submissive like me, this adds hugely to the erotic excitement. The orgasm comes, I believe, from the indirect pressure on my g spot, and from the intense and very sensitive feelings in the depth of my anal canal. I can feel an incredible pleasure from when the penis inside me, all the way up to the top of my anus and seems to press against my pelvis. By squeezing my sphincter muscles, I make the experience even more intense. All in all, it's a breathtakingly feeling that those of us who are anal sex lovers know, and keep coming back for, time and again!!!

You have to understand this though: many women will outright refuse any form of anal pleasures, whether due to inbuilt feelings that it's "dirty" or "unnatural" to do such things, or because they think that only a secretly gay man wants anal, or for heaven knows why. Some women have tried it, but have not been prepared for penetration, and suffered pain, which deters them from tying again. I, and other editors have written many times on how to enjoy anal sex without the pain that is so frightening for many of us women. In fact, the advice works just as well for guys who wonder what would be like to experience anal as the receiver. There's nothing wrong with wanting this if you so desire, either from another guy, if you're bisexual or gay, or asking your wife or girlfriend to fuck you with a step on. Maybe it sounds kinky, but kinky is fun too!!! My advice is in the AA archives if you want to have anal without hurting yourself or your partner.

Anal sex includes all kinds of pleasures, from mild to wild; but if your partner is not willing, DON'T TRY TO FORCE HER, THAT'S CALLED RAPE!!!!!


answered Oct 13, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Oct 14, 2014 by guru-diva (300 points)
Great input Salma

Your insightful review and personal description of the act is tempting but it doesn't change personal perspective to *give in*. It's more of the mentality. Some minds adhere to submissiveness while others like to dominate, I keep a balance of nothing giving in or out, just being equals.
commented Oct 14, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)

My love of anal is in no way dependent submission to my partner, but as a girl who is sexually stimulated by BDSM in a submissive role, being pinned  (or tied/restrained) down while my partners ravish me adds a psychological element to an intensely delightful experience. I don't need to be dominated to love the physical pleasure of a big hard cock or dildo up my bum!!!!


I discovered the pleasure of anal many years ago, way before my inquisitive and experimental nature led me down the path of BDSM. My desire for being dominated has been a gradual realisation over the past several years, and I've discovered a huge need for degradation and submission that I never suspected was hidden within my psyche. I've always been bisexual, and my ultimate thrill is to be in the hands of a skilled lesbian dominatrix who can use me as her plaything. My husband understands my cravings, and is happy for me to be fulfilled in every way. He's skilled in domination himself, but as my ultimate need is for a cruel lesbian, he realises that he can't satisfy that aspect of my sexuality. Our live in girlfriend is similarly submissive (it's a long and complicated explanation that has no relevance here), and shares my need for being dominated. To this end, we have a small circle of female friends who are "into the scene."


Maybe I'm drifting off subject, but I'll reiterate, my sub nature only adds an extra layer of pleasure to anal, but I enjoy a good hard anal fucking with as much enthusiasm as vaginal sex. In fact, every aspect of anal pleasures I find intensely exciting, and these activities are a regular part of our sex life. Whatever you prefer, fine, just enjoy sex in whatever ways you like; but I'd recommend one thing: always be open minded about trying things you've never experienced before, you never know, it might be fun!!!


​ Love,



commented Oct 14, 2014 by guru-diva (300 points)
Last line correction: Biggest price as in, *back door action*
commented Oct 14, 2014 by guru-diva (300 points)
Thank you, for gathering personal thoughts to answer me thoroughly.
As a 21 yr old, I comprehend this very theme loathes, as well as intrigues me.

Salma, your radical experience and conviction allows me to re-think earlier views on this subject. Just to abreast you of Indian culture i live in, prostitution stands illegal, LGBT communities are minority, 95% pornography is sieved out where i live (a compulsory, customized anti-porn browser is used ), sex toys banned with no virtual gift stores, land of sensuality (deemed Kama-Sutra), is in crisis to explore the *elusive* sensual side. Since very young age, thought process arcs around achieving certain objective aim by pooling momentous know how towards that target. In process orgasms, shopping, cinema, cosmetics, fashion is side-lined as these rob us from facing real realities of life (concurrent slum poverty, rising unemployment, grieving inflation with red-tape!). We are often cited reason for Western downfall due to wars and media generalization of subjective ideas' that bind objective thinking.

I became acquainted with that word BDSM, only when 50 shades got a release.
It's fine privilege in writing to a self-expressive, appeased lady who customizes her own sensual rituals. Indian guys aren't too liberal about wife sharing but this is quiet a hot marriage you have here! :@)

Only while reading initial queries in AA, i realized anal sex is quiet mainstream and not as abhorrent as thought. Just one question Salma, submission can come naturally to us but why degradation? In this golden era of women empowerment amalgamated with being spirited, a liking for degradation is linked with child abuse theory? Don't you feel a man would feel immensely over the moon, in achieving this biggest price?

Thank you for writing, I shall await patience while you formulate a response.
commented Oct 15, 2014 by girl (125 points)
Hi Diva,
Whatever yesterday was impossible or miracle but in today time its possible and infect normal for us in many things like mobile, internet etc.Same happening with girls in to sex topic in today's time. In the 1980 only 1or 2 percent woman was indulge in masturbation secretly but for rest of the Indian girl it was nearly sin or bad thing but in today's time its normal for all girls, and now we do talk, discus and communicate with each-other on masturbation and its effective technique, orgasm normally like boys and enjoy pleasure. Same way bisexuality, anal sex which were still taboo in our society in earlier time but now its accepted by many girls and not only they are enjoying this but now its regular part of their normal life.
                This happening because of awareness, education not because of west culture which we normally say every-time, now girls also enjoy  sex as like boys and for them pleasure is most important part and aspect in sex for them and for pleasure they have started experimenting with their sexuality and i don't find or think nothing wrong in to that.because now girls also understand that sex is not meant for only boys its same for girls also and virginity of girls is outdated issue.
            Today's your age is 21 and you have not started experiment with your sexuality yet but once when you will have girl on girl action , anal sex, sex toys(vibrator, dildo) then your thinking your ideas will be not like that m sure in the age of  30 or 30 plus you will also say yes bisexuality, bdsm, anal sex is normal and i also enjoy them normally in my regular life.
commented Oct 15, 2014 by guru-diva (300 points)
I've replied to your private message girl, appreciate what you've said but i have personal reservations. After viewing them, do revert back :@)
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Dear friend
As per my knowledge women get the pleasure in anal sex,  when i am doing sex with my girl friend she love to put her finger in my ass and that give very intence feeling and i reached at end also she like when i put my finger in her ass while fucking.
 But when i ask her for anal sex she is not ready for full penetration . I think that she is not yet too much mature for anal sex(she is just 22)  but aslo i am dam sure when she will reach at 30 she will ready for anal .
answered Oct 18, 2014 by rohit.sharma786 (925 points)
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Ofcourse we get pleasure when we get  fucked in our asshole. But first attempt is always painful. Later it would or could be   so pleasureable  that we  dont want to miss our  ass getting fucked by a dick. I personally enjoy being getting fucked anally  by my husband. But it may be true that most of them don't want to try it because its a little bit painful at the beginning. I am wordless  fto describe the way  I feel when I get fucked in my ass!

.            Now Its more like a heavenly pleasure for both of us considering the pain that I felt in the beginning. It still differs in every woman where you get the pleasure and where to get fucked.
             On most occasions I have to guide my husband to penetrate in my ass. Letting him fuck in my vagina is another way of getting pleasure but when he is exhausted, it turns me into a leading lady and seduce him again and again till making  him to penetrate inside my ass. There's no other way I can explain how I enjoy being getting fucked up my ass.
answered Oct 18, 2014 by slutty_ananya (165 points)
edited Oct 18, 2014 by prashant69
commented Oct 18, 2014 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

#Ananya, Your ansring skills are quite nice and for a questions like these an insight from an experienced woman like you is most welcome. To know the psyche of women on such a taboo aspects of sexuality.

  However what i would suggest is please spread your answer in paragraphs accoarding to points, subject etc . That way it looks more sleek and attractive as well as easy for readers to read. So just continue your contribution coming and is most welcome.

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