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Have you experienced these issues while partner swapping?

asked Sep 21, 2014 in Questions by starzcpl (120 points)
edited Sep 21, 2014 by longhands1

You realised before getting involved in this emotionally dangerous hobby called swapping that you were very secure in your relationship. If you suddenly discover that you have jealousy issues, you need to stop the lifestyle until you discuss the reasons for the jealousy with your partner. The priority is always your partner. Before you started the hobby, you should have an agreement if one or the other wants to stop, you discuss the reasons, and if necessary, you stop. Your marriage is number one priority.

Jealousy is a serious emotion. You can not ignore that emotion if your spouse voices concern.

Have you asked yourself the following Questions:

Has either of you violated your ground rules and standards you have agreed upon without discussion? Has either of you shown more attention to a sex partner than to your own spouse? Are you getting too personal with phone calls, sexting, etc., with any of your sex partners? Some couples start separate room activity just so they do not have to watch their spouse with another. That does end the jealousy, that is merely a bandage. You still need to get over the reason for the jealousy.

Expecting answers from experienced couples.


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1 Answer

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I have missed the point that you are trying to make in your question. Are you asking about the dangers of swapping partners, as you want to try out this lifestyle?  Your questions are obviously lifted from some passage from the Net.

Swapping is a lifestyle that once started is difficult to stop. You will need to think about the consequences very seriously. If you think it is a one off thing, it is not. You will keep experimenting.

There are some dangerous pitfalls in this lifestyle. Jealousy is one of them. At some point, if you are all together, you may feel that your wife is paying more attention to her partner than to you. Or you may feel that she is moaning louder with her friend. This may create a rift when you are both having an argument and one of you may bring up this topic.

There is often a tendency to cheat. Swapping may lead to one of you meeting your swap partner without the knowledge of your own partner. The problem with swapping is that there are more variables which are difficult to control. One can never predict how emotions will play out and in spite of the best intentions things can go awry.  However this does not imply that the experience cannot be mind-blowing.

You first need to have your wife's consent in clear terms. Do not presume that she will agree after you have made all the arrangements. Finding suitable swap partners is never easy and takes unbelievable effort and persistence. It is almost like a marriage portal, where you see and meet your future marriage partner. You will need to decide at whose place you will swap or will it be at a hotel? Imagine the embarrassment if there is, a police raid and the explanation you will have to give!

Whatever you decide, do not do it out of compulsion. And always insist on using a condom.

answered Sep 23, 2014 by longhands1 (80,455 points)
edited Sep 23, 2014 by longhands1
commented Dec 9, 2015 by Payal1 (140 points)
What you have stated is not a question but a statement. Please be very specific and reframe your question

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