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Should I gain sex experience by visiting a prostitute?

asked Aug 30, 2014 in Questions by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
edited Sep 1, 2014 by longhands1

I am scared regarding my first time sex which is coming soon day by day. I mean my marriage date is coming but I am scared. I have seen porn but never had practical experience before.

Please provide the right answer of my question: Should I go to a sex worker but it is unsafe, it is sin also so help me,


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7 Answers

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You already have a few answers, but you do not have the time to comment on them. You asked a question and disappeared. We like feedback to every answer, which helps us in understanding your question and why you asked it.

Since you are virgin and presume your girlfriend is too, there is no fear of being ignorant of the practicalities of sex. As long as you both are well informed and knowledgeable, it is not necessary to have had sex before marriage. There is a exquisite feeling of having sex for the first time on your wedding day.

Se with a prostitute before-hand can never match this experience. The guilt and shame of having paid for sex can never be erased and will remain with you all your life. You begin on the wrong footing, since you think that you are paying for the sex, it is for the woman to provide you the pleasure. This is not true in real life and you are equally responsible to ensure that your wife is pleased and reaches orgasm.

Another serious problem is the comments passed by the prostitute. If she is uncaring and comments about your penis negatively, that thought will always remain in your mind and can even lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This is in addition to the gift she may give you of STD or HIV.

Another problem is that you could get emotionally attached to a prostitute and if the sex was mind blowing you would look for gratification with prostitutes even after marriage. So all in all, never a good idea to visit a prostitute to learn about sex. Why lose confidence. You wife will accept you the way you are.  

answered Sep 2, 2014 by longhands1 (85,850 points)
selected Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thanks a lot guys, admins for valuable information given to me I am very thankful to all of you,
I am going to do a sin to visit a prostitute but you guys saved me, I am confident now friends,
I don't care I haven't practical knowledge of sex but I do my best, I try my best, thank you very much guys, and I am sorry admin if I didn't review your answers actually I don't know how to review answers I saw a tick mark sign here and I already clicked on it than its changed green, I hope you received my first review to your answer buddy by the way thank you all of you
commented Dec 9, 2014 by longhands1 (85,850 points)

sexfreak, Thank you for selecting my answer as the Best.

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Sin, moral or immoral is another matter.  Let it be.
You would have already seen a woman's body in internet.
You would be disappointed if you visit a prostitute.  Her body would be jaded.  Her attitude also would put you off.  You will get no new 'education' when you visit a prostitute.  You might also feel guilty later when you think back upon it.
Sex is fun with your own wife, to explore, to tease and to make her happy and make her meet her orgasm and to have enjoyment in your own body.
Not many women would find fault with her man if he does not perform perfectly on their first night.  She might even feel proud that her husband is truly a virgin when he fumbles.
Use your imagination on your first night.  Use your fingers, lips and tongue in addition to your 'tool' to bring about happiness for both of you and to explore your bodies.
There is no shame in being inexperienced on your first night.
Do not risk your health and endanger your wife's health.
answered Aug 30, 2014 by Madhyarani (210 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me
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Whether you should go to a sex worker or not is solely your decision and you have to decide that but performance anxiety is a normal trait in both the genders. Whenever you have sex for the very first time there is a restlessness. Well you mentioned that you're getting married sooner congratulations in advance but you never mentioned which type of a marriage is it. If you people were in love before for sometime then I suggest you not to worry, your partner will console you but if its an arranged marriage then maybe you will have to allow sometime to pass by. Speak up to her tell her you are nervous about it, I'm sure she will understand. And one more thing, indulge in much of foreplay before sex. This will definitely help you to ease out the pressure. Once you're totally engrossed in your partner emotionally, you will automatically perform well. Have a great married life ahead.
answered Aug 30, 2014 by confusioninmind (1,430 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me
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Dear friend, don't be exited about sex being a virgin and having sex first time with wife is really awesome. My suggestion is that not to go with prostitute which may not b safe to try all methods in sex.... Slow and steady wins the race so have more romance with ur wife automatically u finish up with good sex bye.
answered Aug 31, 2014 by rohitshetty (110 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me
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Dear sexfreak0007,

    First of all congratulation to your marriage. Dude marriage is not about sex only. It is about two souls. You are worried about your sex life not a bad thing.

   Sex is such a wonderful gift of nature. You are still virgin now and don't have any sexual encounter till now. Most probably you will loose your virginity with your wife your lifepartner which is very good thing morally and socially. Your partner must be proud of it.

    Dude you want to go for a sex worker because you have seen only porn and don't have a practical experience. Dude its totally a wrong idea. Your partner need much more than sex not only sex. If you can't perform bettwr on that day thats not a problem and it hardly matters. The thing which matter most is that how you treat your wife that day.

    Yeah its true first night is always special but can made it special just by keeping patience and compose your calm. Women doesn't need great sex but they need emotional support which always lead to great sex. So have search in search box and find out how to go at first time. Just love her from your soul and be loyal to her as you are. Good Luck dude, Happy blessing to your coming married life.
answered Aug 31, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
commented Sep 1, 2014 by zena69 (1,875 points)
You might get only one 'education' - disappontment in having a satiafied sex!
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me
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Just think how could you fill if you come to know at first night that your wife is not a virgin, just like she will fill if she get known. And beside that it is not safe to do sex with a prostitute. Your first night experience will vanish if you do sex with prostitute. Having a first night with our own wife is so awesome. both of them don't know about having sex and some foeeplay happens that time is so nice just imagine it. And why to lose a money for hiring a prostitute.  Just save that money and use it to a honeymoon trip far from home.
Don't cheat with your wife.
answered Sep 1, 2014 by jak (120 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me
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sexfreak0007,Please understand that  for having sex no proper or official training is required. It comes to us naturally. As we breath and for it no formal training is required. okay i understand it is not that easy but then it is no that hard too! 

           As doe to the internet you guys know too much about sex than what the guys of your age used to know in previous generations. But i can see that this information rather than making you confident they are giving you jitters and making you nervous. 

    See i assyme that you know about   sexual act  completely  in theory. and you have seen lot of people at it practically too that is in porn. So please do not get nervous. Just go with the flow. and you will master the act. Just do not get scared do not over expect.Try to be as cool and comfortable as possible. Everything will be fine. 

answered Sep 1, 2014 by prashant69 (7,245 points)
commented Dec 9, 2014 by sexfreak0007 (165 points)
Thank you so much friend for your valuable information given to me

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