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Will my wife have an extra marital affair in the future?

asked Aug 9, 2014 in Questions by Rupesh90 (120 points)
edited Aug 9, 2014 by longhands1

I am Rupesh, 28 years old and married. We met through a matrimonial site. When I told her about my wish to marry her, she asked for a little favour. When I asked what it is? She said she wants full freedom in her dressing and fashion. I agreed as I have wished for a wife like her, wearing beautiful hot dresses.

We got married 6 months ago. Recently we went for honeymoon. She chose the destinations (Goa, Andaman, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar). At Goa and Andaman, we visited some beaches there. At the beach she asked me to wear only my shorts and she changed into her bikinis. At Goa she just roamed the whole city in her skinny leggings and tight T-shirts. And rest of the places she was in her transparent saree and sometimes shirt and tight skirt or skinny jeans.

She tries all kinds of fashion. In Goa and Andaman, she was not the only woman dressed skimpily, so I enjoyed her fully and later it gave me good arousal during sex. Even though I also enjoyed her body show, sometimes when I saw few men, mostly teenage guys, staring at her, making comments linking both of us, made me ashamed.

I also enjoy her body show but some comments are making me ashamed of her exposure. My wife does not have a pinch of shame in her mind. When I asked her about it, she told me that I shouldn't be bothering about them. She also reminded me of my promise before marriage. From her words I clearly got the point that she enjoys those staring and hot comments.

Do you think she is misusing her freedom? Do you think such women will later fall for extra marital affairs?


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8 Answers

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Rupesh Please note that one can not  and should not  judge anyone from the way one dresses . It does not matters much  when you deal with promiscuity of a person. As you could find a woman carrying herself  very traditionally as well in conservative attire while could be too promiscuous to believe. It does not at all depends upon dressing or being fashionable or not. As yours being a sort of arranged marriage you both could not have been known to each other too well before your marriage. And this is the time that you are discovering each other. But from your question it is clear that you already have started to doubt her morality.And remember when seed of doubt once sowed it  quickly gets converted into tree. And its fruits are very poisonous. You are treading on very thin ice. Watch your steps. Its traditional thinking to think that fashionable women being promiscuous.If you still want to know 

answered Aug 9, 2014 by prashant69 (7,230 points)
edited Aug 10, 2014 by prashant69
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Congratulations Rupesh for you happy married life so far..

As far as you question is concerned its not necessary that if the girl is modern she will have an extra marital affair. We all have seen girls who come from village can also have an extra marital affair. By giving her the freedom to wear cloths that she wants is not wrong. Even she has the freedom to wear cloths that she likes. Also she might be dressing like this because it was your honeymoon period. She might want you to get attracted to her.

One thing which i would say dont think about all these things.. Thinking such things might make you extra possisive which is again not good for your relation.

If you have slight doubt just keep an eye on her. But DONT be possisive..
answered Aug 9, 2014 by sweetsimi (130 points)
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Because your wife likes western fashions, it  doesn't make her any more likely to have an affair than any other woman. Try reading the numerous entries in our archives, and you will see that those who have affairs come from all social classes, and are both liberal and conservative in outlook.

Your wife wants to be a modern girl, just like billions of girls around the world. She wants to step away from a world where men decide how she behaves, what she wears, what she does, where she goes....... You can look at this with pride, as she's a strong and determined free spirit, who has seen the man she hopes can understand her, love her, and support her in her wish to be an equal partner in a marriage she wanted, not that was forced on her. So what if other guys look at her, all that tells you is that they envy you, and its a reflection of your good choice of a life partner; they just wish.... You are the man she gets in bed with and shares her dreams with, they just wish..... You are the man who will father her babies, they just wish..... You are the man she laughs and cries with, shares her secrets with, they just wish.....

Nobody knows the future, but if you give her the love and happiness she hopes for, if you let her continue to be full of fun and confidence, and if you grow with her, you'll stand a better chance than most people of having a long and happy future together. Keep having FUN together, and yes, enjoy travelling whenever you both can get away together. 

Very best wishes for a long and happy, loving marriage.




answered Aug 9, 2014 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
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hello dear, actually most of  women likes to look beautiful and being stared by the people but in decent manner but sometimes it creates lots of vulgar coments which should be avoided.and i think your wife only wants to look beautiful nothing else,you should not bother about it until your wife shows sign of ditching good her and satisfy her completely in all sexually,by socially ok.there is nothing wrong ok .thanks
answered Aug 9, 2014 by sonusin88 (510 points)
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She may have extra marital affair in the future. So always keep a hidden eye of yours on her and be aware of any sudden change in her and try to find out  the reason of the sudden change and then make your decision.
I don't say no to trust her but it is always good to keep an eye on her that will help you to know whether she is cheating or not and also you can deeply understand her feelings , likes and dislikes.

AND you should respect her feelings , if she wants to dress up in some specific manner let her do it and i say that you should even get engaged in her hobbies like you  can surprise her by a gift of a fashionable sexy dress. I think she will love that and will make your night rememberable by offering you sex in that dress.
answered Aug 10, 2014 by hoshiyaar (210 points)
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Dear Rupesh,

                   Consider it this way, suppose you are an attractive man, in a loving and fulfilling relationship, often goes to the gym, quite muscular and when you go for holidays, or to the beach, you wear t shirts that show your physique , either because you are comfortable in them , or because you are confident you can wear them and love showing off your body. People might even eye you and you might even like it a little, does all those things automatically mean that you would have an affair just because you can ? No, right? Women are no different . I dont know whether your wife will have an affair in the future but i can tell for sure that it would have nothing to do with her sense of fashion and much more to do with you ( or the lack of you). Stop worrying and enjoy your marriage. And if you think  she is unaware of her surroundings , or is naive about it, then tell her patiently without making a huge issue out of it. Also, make sure not to hurt her feelings or make her too conscious of herself.  

Regards and have a happy life
answered Aug 10, 2014 by pad473 (245 points)
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What you opine about freedom?
do you feel that swimming/go to a beach with saree or suit Salwar will be ok?
that particular dress was the demand of situation. your wife didn't used this costume in firstly in this world. she tried some other fashionable items, doesn't mean, she is exposing.
dear, exposing body can also be done in saree or other traditional outfit. wash out such things from your mind and soul.
if some other person, who isn't broadminded is his own problem, not yours of your wife. such people are everywhere around. How will you manage such situation all the times.
enjoy your life without fearing such silly things.
answered Aug 11, 2014 by basicinstinct (2,290 points)
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Dear Rupesh,

    You yourself wants a hot and sexy wife. She like western clothing and ask about it before marriage. Now she is in western clothes and you also likes that.

     But problem is that people are commenting on her and it is making you feel real bad. You can't shut the people's mouth.Thry will always comment you whatever they watch. Some comments infront of you and some behind your back. If she is in her bikini on Beaches then its normal. She is in her tshirts in shopping malls etc then its normal. It will be a problem if she starts wearing bikini and go to market. I think it is not so. She is modern and i think she has good sense of dressing.

     You can't tell if she is exposing her assets ina hot sexy way then she would have an extra marital affair. We have found women from traditional religious background have also affairs. Anybody can have affair and you can't just tell it by looking at their clothes. You mention that she may enjoyed the comments. Yeah girls feel pleased when there beauty is praised and some like it. Its depends on individual. your wife is modern and you are little conservative man. Trust her and have a happy married life dude .!
answered Sep 4, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
edited Sep 4, 2014 by prashant69

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