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Will wine add to the pleasure of a romantic dinner with my wife?

asked Aug 4, 2014 in Questions by santhoshrajan27 (350 points)
edited Aug 4, 2014 by longhands1


I am Santhosh. 29 year old male, married since 3 years and have a kid. I have planned a vacation trip with my wife to a nice private beach resort.

We thought of having WINE with our dinner at the private beach resort. It is going to be the first time for my wife to consume any form of alcohol. She too is totally excited. She is willingly going to partake in it.

Guys, can u tell me, how to go about it? How much of wine is enough fo a first timer? How to make it the most romantic night?


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4 Answers

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I love a glass or two of wine, and I have sometimes got very drunk from consuming too much alcohol. It can result in a ruined night if you overdo things. Your wife has never taken wine or any alcohol, so her tolerance will be low. One glass would have an effect on her, Two glasses will probably be the most I'd advise for her.

Alcohol is a depressant, and too much may result in her feeling morose. In moderation (before the depressing stage) alcohol  acts as a relaxant, and her responses to any romantic gestures will likely be more sexy than usual, but, go past (what could be called) the "happy"point, and she may feel, or even be sick, and few things ruin a romantic evening than a dress soaked in vomit, and a wife who has passed out on you.

You could give her cocktails instead of wine, and make sure they contain a lot of fruit juices, and only a small measure of alcohol. Also, don't get carried away and drink too quickly, as, if she sinks slowly, and eats her dinner as  she drinks, the effect is less likely to be severe. If drinking wine, white wine tends to have a lower alcohol content than red wine. Ask the wine waiter for his recommendations, as he should know his stuff if you are in a good class restaurant. 

One last thing to say is: Have a brilliant tim together, and make your holiday as much fun as possible.




answered Aug 4, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Sep 8, 2014 by santhoshrajan27
commented Aug 6, 2014 by santhoshrajan27 (350 points)
Yes Salma, I will make sure she doesnt take more. Great getting tips from a woman..
Very much excited having a candle light dinner with wine at a beach
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hello dear,as it is first time for your wife 2 glasses will be enough .if she takes more than that I think I might not enjoy but suffers as it may hit her first time and ask her to drink slowly it willmake more plesarble.with having exchangie a single glass or try to exchange from mouth to mouth. u can use wine by poring on your bodies then licking and sucking.
answered Aug 4, 2014 by sonusin88 (510 points)
commented Aug 6, 2014 by santhoshrajan27 (350 points)
Yes Sonu, we will make sure we take it slow..
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Good idea, if there is no compulsion on either side. Certain foods can help with factors that lead to heightened sexual desire and pleasure. These increase blood flow to the sensitive areas, boosting testosterone levels and triggering endorphins and arousal.

Red wine is known to increase the libido in women who imbibe it and the sex drive of such women is said to be higher than women who have other alcoholic drinks. The problem is : do women with naturally higher sex drives like to drink red wine or is red wine responsible for the sex surge?

Remember that heavy drinking is dangerous to women and one glass leads to another and another. Alcohol (wine is alcohol) spreads through the body as water after it passes through the digestive tract. Since men are heavier they have greater water content in their bodies so the alcohol is dispersed over a greater area. Not so in case of women. Women’s brains and organs receive exposure to a higher level of toxins that have not been digested. So, you may be able to be steady and on your feet, unlike your wife.

Alcohol, taken in moderation can spice up your sex life. The Romans referred to wine as a powerful aphrodisiac. Alcohol reduces anxiety levels. There seems to be some reason like performance anxiety, stress at home, lack of communication between you both, which makes you feel that alcohol (wine) will remove such inhibitions. From a novelty, it can go to becoming an addiction. Fear that unless you have it, you cannot perform.

Happy drinking.       

answered Aug 4, 2014 by longhands1 (80,265 points)
commented Aug 6, 2014 by santhoshrajan27 (350 points)
I like this quote very much 'Happy Drinking'
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There are always some things we have seen our society to heighten up the romantic desires Wine is one of them. But Incase you used extra on you and yourwife you may end up with some the things.

Advantages May be:
. Higher sexual desire
. Romance Arrousal
. Easy to share and Understanding feelings
. Bettee sex stimulation

Disadvantages May be
. Not gettting the same situation without wine
. There maybe a develop of depression once the affects of wine are gone
. You start relying on it whenever you want to hit the peak
. You may meet the climax quickly During sex
answered Aug 6, 2014 by black_belt (130 points)
commented Aug 6, 2014 by santhoshrajan27 (350 points)
Hmm at this point, because of all the excitement, I see oonly positive points

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