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What should be the degree of frankness between dewar and bhabhi?

asked Jul 25, 2014 in Questions by victormk (145 points)
edited Jul 25, 2014 by longhands1

I am 23 years old. I have a doubt. Can I tell adult jokes to my bhabhi? Can I consider her as a close friend? if yes, dont close friends share adult jokes?

I do not have a girlfriend, otherwise I would not have posted this question. How do I react when she tells me in front of everybody "come I will give you a bath".  I know she is joking. But I am not good in joking back. I am frank with my bhabi but only when it is about others, not about our relationship. She also invited me to play Holi with her. I know that I will act like a fool. I have never played Holi with a girl.

What does it mean to play Holi with your bhabhi? Once,  when I was watching a movie with her on TV, she put her hand on my thigh, but I didn't do anything. I think this was serious. Tell me if I am wrong.

Now answer my questions and what should be the degree of frankness between dewar and bhabhi?


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commented Jul 25, 2014 by victormk (145 points)

people if u think u understand this relation then wait for a min & answer me , u will not die if u will answer me. off course i haven't answered anybody's question , so i m going to answer some


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4 Answers

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Best answer
Dear victor,
"dewar and bhabhi " is a unique relation in our indian society ,

 If you see from view of bhabhi , for her the best and close male friend  is her dewar, if there is  Any problem from his husband , she will always look for the shoulder of  her dewar for help.  dewar is like younger brother  or  like son or sometimes like Boy friend . the relation changes as per the situations.
it depends on the bonding between them .  
In earlier days when there was difficult to get porn videos and pic , Bhabhi used to be the guide for  relation with girls / sexual guide for the dewar .

There is nothing wrong if she ask for giving bath  or call for playing the holi etc  ,  by getting close to your bhabhi , that will help you in handling the friendship with other girls .  She will help you how to behave with girls or understand their emotions etc.

you can share the adult jokes with her, but cautiously only if situation demands,

my bhabhi came to our house when i was  12 years old,  she used to give bath to me till i got married at age of 23 , till that date and even few years after marriage she used to buy my undergarments.  i used to show her wearing that  how it looks like.
answered Jul 25, 2014 by kapilh (1,035 points)
selected Jul 25, 2014 by victormk
commented Jul 25, 2014 by victormk (145 points)
now i totally understand this relation.its a dynamic relation. you said ''the relation changes as per the situations.'' this is the key for understanding this relation. thank u
commented Jul 26, 2014 by kapilh (1,035 points)
Thanks victor , by selecting my answer as Best .

All the best for your relation with bhabhi.
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What is the relation and how it has to be maintain is the one choices between that two persons. Now comes to your question , in indian society bhabhi is equal to mother who take care of each and every family members. So she hold arespectful position and in india  every religion , caste community has given higher position than the male to the women just like a Godess  . It is the we spoil the moral value of life I have seen many sexual encounter b/w bhabhi and devar which is immoral. And no one support the extra marital affair , which always have its future in betraying and spoiling the married life . So my suggestion it upto you how you maintain the relation . Take careeeee ¥¥¥¥¥¥€
answered Jul 25, 2014 by nicecoolbrain23 (365 points)
commented Jul 25, 2014 by prashant69 (7,040 points)

#nicecoolbrain23,Please refrain from using names God or other religious matters on this forum its strictly prohibited. 

commented Jul 26, 2014 by nicecoolbrain23 (365 points)
I will take care while writing the answer.regards
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I found your query common and your bhabhi's behavior ordinary until I read last line that your bhabhi put her hand on your thigh when you watch movie together as woman always knows what does she is doing as it is not friendly if she keep her hand on your thigh. You looked obsessed with girl and want to have girl's company since you do not have girlfriend you are trying to make relationship with your bhabhi whether it is friendly or you want something. However, I should not exaggerating my thinking, my vary advice to you is, you should maintain a relationship with your bhabhi. Adult jokes are not advisable. Concentrate on your career rather than thinking about your bhabhi as on appropriate time you will get your girl and you can play or have fun with her until that respect relationship, as it is not cheering topic in any way.

Best of luck
answered Jul 25, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
commented Jul 25, 2014 by victormk (145 points)
dear alpesh kapdi , thank u for answering me. but u r looking in wrong way. yes i m obsessed with girls. but i don't want to ruin my life by doing anything incest . ok. i have posted it here coz i can't ask any friend about it. i can't tell them that i don't understand relations. i m just clearing my douts. & u still didn't tell me what should i say when she tell "come I will give you a bath" & about holi. i just don't want to look like a fool. & about last line , if she will do that now i will tell her to stop
commented Jul 25, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
Why do you expect that she will ask you for a bath? i might be wrong there is no doubt. i did not give an answer on what will be your step when she will ask for a bath cause I don't see this kind of situation will arrive.
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This type of queries require lots of  information, after getting that, may someone gives you  right answer.
Such question require more info about, family background of you & your bhabhi,  age of bhabi, sexual life of your brother & bhabhi, no of yrs  they got married, your mentality, your wish, your  education, your sexual life, habits, family atmosphere, . etc
So I think, you do not  expect exact answer but may you will get outline.
Such question totally depend upon  person who involved in it, I am sure, everyone advise you that this is wrong but only involved person know  what is limitation of her/his & situation of such incidence when arise?
But one thing for sure, be careful.
answered Jul 25, 2014 by shweta83 (390 points)

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