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Why does my girlfriend experience pain during intercourse?

asked Jul 20, 2014 in Questions by JacksDn (125 points)
edited Jul 20, 2014 by longhands1


I am Jacks from Bangalore. Firstly, I appreciate this Forum, Ask Anjali forum as I have benefited a lot from it.

Now, my question. Both me and my GF are 24 years old. We  are getting married soon. We have been in a physical relationship for the past 3 years. But the problem is with my GF. She faces lots of pain during intercourse. She hides it from me as she feels that I enjoy the act and if I come to know about her pain, I will stop the act and will be dissatisfied. But in reality I never enjoyed the act with her.

Recently I came to know about her pain during intercourse (It is a long story how I came to know. So, avoiding it to shorten the question) and I stopped having sex with her. This is making her insecure. She is thinking that our married life will be unhappy. Now she reveals that she feels that my penis is too long (My penis is 6 inches in length and 5.5 inchrs in girth, which I feel is average size).

At the time of penetration she feels pain in vagina and whenever I penetrate deeply she feels pain in her lower stomach. We use lubricants as well. Physically she has got a good figure. For me It is hard to believe  that she will be having some physical problem as well even though it can't be ignored.

Whenever we have intercourse, she reaches her orgasm most of the time. But I am unsatisfied all the time as she reaches orgasm within 6 to 7 mins of the act. which is not sufficient for me, as I can take 10 to 12 mins to cum. We have tried to increase the foreplay. But it gives her faster orgasm and I am left unsatisfied..

Any help would be appreciated. Waiting for your help.


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commented Jul 20, 2014 by sonusin88 (510 points)
Well dear a girl pregnancy depends upon the mensuration cycle of a girl .after mensuration cycle ends 3 4 days have greater probability of pregancy.the good fucking session is also necessary in which sperm enters into the vagina and hits on ovum to for zygote.and one thing more greater number will not increase pregnancy probability.


(Not an answer to the question asked about pain) Changed to comment.

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3 Answers

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Dear Jacks,

First of all, congrats on having a long lasting and fruitful relationship. Its good to know that you guys are thinking of getting married as well. Second, congrats on lasting longer than your girl friend. That is a good thing that you have.

Coming to the pain, the only reasons I could think of is 1. Anatomical - where the dick is larger or the vaginal opening is smaller/ has some deformity. 2. Infection in the vaginal area.

Since you guys have been active for 3 yrs, I can only think of the 1st one. Your dick may be big for her, but not for 3 yrs. Humans are designed to evolve and women are the best examples at it. I was quite big for my wife as well, and she complained of pain. We used lubricants to help us out and pretty soon ( 3-4 weeks later), we were happily having sex with no pain. So your dick is not the issue.

And this is where it gets tricky. If she is experiencing pain, she might find it difficult to reach an orgasm. There is very slim chance that she is actually having pain and an orgasm at the same time. You say you are having plenty of foreplay and using lubricants. So there is nothing I can think off, that will give you a correct answer.

Her symptoms make me think of PID - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. When ever she has sex or movement of her vagina (either through inserting dick or even fingers) will cause pain. Talk to her, ask her if she has pain all the time or only during sex. If she masturbates, ask her if she has pain during then. You may try to finger her pussy and she if she complains of pain as well.

As a last resort, consult a doctor. Go as a couple and talk to a doctor and explain the situation. It could be nothing, so give it a shot.

Good luck..
answered Jul 21, 2014 by prometheus4321 (665 points)
selected Jul 24, 2014 by JacksDn
commented Jul 21, 2014 by JacksDn (125 points)
Thanks a lot  for your suggestion.  What I have noticed so far is that, whenever she is about to reach orgasm. She does not feel pain at all even if I go for deeper penetration. Please let me know if changes in sex position will show some improvements (She feels more pain in doggy style).
commented Jul 25, 2014 by prometheus4321 (665 points)
Everyone has different thresholds for pain. Every position is different for everyone. So, the best way to find out is to try them yourself. A position that is good enough for me, may not be good enough for you guys.

Try couple of positions every time and see which ones make you feel the pleasure and which ones make her feel comfortable. Remember, it takes a while to get into the comfort level, so have patience and you will be happy later on.

Good luck
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There is nothing wrong or deviation if your girlfriend feels pain during intercourse, what is unusual is I think, your thinking and over reacting on the matter. Pain during sex is common up to some extent as I suppose your girlfriend can bear it otherwise she would not allow you to penetrate her, no matter how much she loves you. There is also normal if she reaches orgasms early it means in 6 to 7 minutes, as it is average time for girl to achieve climax. Let me tell you that girl gets pleasure even after climax so it is your wrong belief that she could not make you satisfied. Do not give much attention to her orgasm and continue your session. Moreover, you are very lucky that you can take her to her climax otherwise it is tough task to make girl climax.

You can resume your sex life if you think that, she feels pain uncontrollable then discusses with her in detail and try to figure out the problem. You can seek advice from gynecologist. I am not giving you advice like use more foreplay and lube oil as you are doing it. Pain will have started subside over a period and her vagina can accommodate your penis easily. You are going to get married very soon so make her secure. You do not have to do anything as I think there is nothing-wrong let the time pass as it is.

Best of luck
answered Jul 21, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
commented Jul 21, 2014 by JacksDn (125 points)
Hey thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion
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Dear JacksDn,

   Dude it seems nothing had happened and you are over reacting on it. I may be harse on my words but yeah its true. Dude you mention that your gf is okay with it i mean with that pain so what is your problem. Dude its a good thing you care for her but it also should be in limit.

   Sex is a wonderful enjoyable act. She feel some pain during this but it is tolerable for her. If it doesn't then she will not allow you to do it at any cost. She loves to do it with you thats why she is insisting you for this and says that you sexlife will not be good one due to your over conscious nature.

   Dude she is not sacrificing it for you. She also get pleasure thats why she is insisting you. She is getting her oragasm it means definitely she enjoys it. Not every girl or woman is lucky enough to get her orgasm but your gf is. Your tool is not a bigger one so you should be worried. It seems you done all the things like foreplay, lubrication in right manner so why are you worrying like this even if she is also saying that she is okay.

    Dude you can find that in what position she feels less pain. But when you have your session with her that pain is overcome by the pleasure of sex. Thats a normal thing. A woman has ability to get multiple orgasm in a single session. They are not like us as we men need some time to recover after our orgasm. It is not so in their case so you can continue with her. Just go and love her yAr .!
answered Jul 22, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)

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