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Is meeting a girl online and having sex safe and secure?

asked Jul 19, 2014 in Questions by dasss (145 points)
edited Jul 19, 2014 by longhands1

I am a 22 yrs old student (male), living in Bangalore. I do not want a GF as I just want to explore and experience the sexual pleasure. No committed relationships. But I am also not satisfied with masturbation. So I thought of meeting a girl online and having sex with her.

I am too scared to do this, as I come from a traditional family and this is all highly risky. Is it safe to enter such websites, meet a girl and have casual sex with her? I don't want my personal information and identity to be revealed. I don't want anyone to know about this. And I respect her feelings too and will not reveal her identity. So can I go ahead?


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6 Answers

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Dear friend,
Don't go for such things, its not at all safe. How can u trust a person whom u don't know or never met? For their business they'll tell u lot many things n make u believe. But that doesn't mean they're giving u the right n correct info..??? Go to YouTube search for homemade pussy n hav fun :)

Stay safe, be happy!
answered Jul 19, 2014 by respect (210 points)
selected Jul 19, 2014 by dasss
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dear, doing sex with a girl is really risky one it depends upon site you visit is authentic or not.there are many sites which are cheaters they detect money from account and dont provide any thing . I u really want to have sex then u can do out of net there are several places in delhi, mumbai. It is much safer option.
answered Jul 19, 2014 by sonusin88 (510 points)
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Dear Dassss...

Basically, what you are describing is a situation where you want to go to a prostitute, but you are jsut refraining from using the word 'prostitute'.

Trust me when I saw this - All guys have been in your position. And we all want the same thing - sexual experience with out revealing our information. But that is self-contradictory. You cannot have sex with a person without giving out any information unless you seek the services of a call girl. They dont mind your details. To them you are business and nothing more. But even then, there is a high risk of HIV, AIDS and other STD's that come with this offer.

If you going to trust someone online and go to a place for sex, there is always the danger of getting deceived. I have heard of many personal experiences as well as in the news, where men go to such places upon receiving invitations, and they were cheated, robbed, kidnapped and sometimes killed for their organs.

I am not trying to scare you out of not having sex. But if you dont want your identity revealed, there is not much scope to have a safer alternative. Can you be sure that the other person will not record your sexual act and blackmail you later? Couples who know each other for months and years are blackmailing each other, after a sore break up and leaking the videos and images of them having sex. So just think of the dangers and then go ahead.

If you know the person, have a complete understanding as to what you are getting urself into, good luck and have fun.
answered Jul 19, 2014 by prometheus4321 (665 points)
commented Jul 20, 2014 by dasss (145 points)
Thank you for advice. But what about my urge? Are there really no girls who have similar urge to have sex without any crook ideas to trap us...? There must be some people who help people like us right....?? Because ultimately they're humans as well and understand sexuality. So why can't i just do this ?! Some alternative........
commented Jul 21, 2014 by prometheus4321 (665 points)
There is no easy way to have your desires fulfilled. Like I said, if you think its worth a risk, go for it. Every one has their own way of thinking and their behavior is unique to them. May be I am an over-cautious guy, may be you are an adventure seeking individual who might be okay with some risks in life. If you seriously want to think about it - think if the benefit of having sex outweigh the risks that come with it. If yes, proceed.

I am pretty sure there are always men and women, boys and girls, who dream of having sex with no strings attached, no identity revealed scenario. I have not met them. I have heard of them. So wither you could wait for someone to cross your path, or go ahead with your plan.

Good luck. Better have protection ready if you want to go ahead. Use double protection to be sure.

commented Jul 21, 2014 by dasss (145 points)
Well.... Okay.... I'll see what I'll end up with.. Thanks for help buddy....
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Dasss you're not the only one who wants NSA relationship. If you want one such relationship you can find one but  the chances of finding a girl through on of these websites is rare and you never know who's the person on the other end. The chances of things going really really bad is high and if you're very lucky you can find a girl but the chances are very less.

My advice is try to find someone in real world who has similar interests but at one or the other point of time you're bound to become vulnerable in such relationships. what was once a NSA relationship might soon turn into a emotional relation. so, be careful and know that it's you who has to face the consequences and make your first move.
answered Jul 19, 2014 by Monk (130 points)
commented Jul 20, 2014 by dasss (145 points)
Okay... I do realize the risks. But its just my natural sexual urge to do it once. There must be people(girls) who want sex as well right..? So I just want to meet such a girl and satisfy both of us without any harm to our usual/personal life.. Are there no honest people with sexual feelings desiring sex?.......
commented Jul 21, 2014 by Monk (130 points)
yes, there are but finiding one takes lot of patience and effort and atlast it lasts only for few hours or days may even some months. Most of the times you endup wasting all the time you have which you could have spent finding a right girl for you to spend the rest of your life. If you still think it is worth go ahead!
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This all is wishful thinking. Finding girl online and then dating her is not a very fertile task. These is less possibility of success. To surmise in appropriate words, beggars aren't choosers. Still, go ahead. Have fun if you can.
answered Jul 19, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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Meeting people from the Internet depends on 5 things
1) What website, if its a reputable website, dangers such as pedophiles etc can be avoided
2) Meeting new girls is a lot more dangerous.
3) Is this serious dating, or a casual sex thing, people may carry STDs etc which could be passed on to an unaware victim
4) Just because you have spoken to them through the internet for 2 years, doesn't mean that you know who they truly are behind the camera
5) only meet them on your accords, do not be pressured into it
answered Jul 19, 2014 by raj.shah2709 (215 points)

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