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What are the ways a picture from a mobile can be leaked?

asked Jul 18, 2014 in Questions by neha30051993 (125 points)
edited Jul 18, 2014 by longhands1

I had sent a nude photo to my boyfriend. He later on deleted it. Is there any other way the pictures can be leaked after they are deleted from whasapp server?


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4 Answers

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as per their website they don't store pictures but what happened yesterday shocked me!! i'm not scaring you either just elling you the fact which happened on 17/07/2014.
my friend had  posted a pic in our class group a long time ago. But last night again whatsapp showed he posted it again and after questioning him what i came to know is that he never did that actually, chances are there might be a bug in whatsapp. everyone recieved the message but his phone doesn't show anything whatsoever.! It's crazy.

and even i have recieved and sent many compromising pictures and even videos. I dont think i'm in troble what happened last night was a glitch maybe. But just be safe when it comes to electronic world no one knows who's spying on you lol
answered Jul 18, 2014 by Monk (130 points)
commented Jul 18, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
well thats too scary...what should i do now??
commented Jul 18, 2014 by Monk (130 points)
keep calm. the probability of that happening to you is very very low. And be safe when you do it the next time :)

the only you should be worrying is him sharing it with others.
commented Jul 19, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
moved Jul 19, 2014 by longhands1
Plzzz dear tell me...for hw many days do my media files remain stored in whatsapp server...or in how many days they clear there server on avg .
commented Jul 19, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
edited Jul 19, 2014 by longhands1

I du trust what if some one one the server leaks it out ....


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commented Jul 19, 2014 by robotboy1 (695 points)
the data we send to server is encrypted, nobody can know until he reaches receiving end so server cannot be leaked like this..
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No need to worry .. whats app don't store any chat after the person read that msg. that means as your boyfriend downloaded your pic that pic was removed from server that instant. i am a good mobile and computer expert .if u want to test it then just send any image from your phon to your boyfriend's phone and delete that image from galary not from whats app u will see that in whats app that media is removed. so dear don't worry keep calm you are safe. but don't repeat in future. if you trust your bf then no chanceof leaking
answered Jul 19, 2014 by robotboy1 (695 points)
commented Jul 19, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
Thank u so much...i hope u r ryt :-)
commented Jul 19, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
moved Jul 19, 2014 by longhands1
Thank u so much...i hope u r ryt :-)
commented Jul 19, 2014 by robotboy1 (695 points)
Yes I am ... I told you the test even.. images deleted from once in whats app can never be retained ..
commented Jul 19, 2014 by neha30051993 (125 points)
Not even from whatsapp backup ??
commented Jul 19, 2014 by robotboy1 (695 points)
whats app backup is in phone .. not on server.. whats app make back up of chat on phon memory thwy don't store anything
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In todays IT world one can reback , get deleted pictures. I knw many cyber or computer expert who can give back data full recover from damanged M. Card., hard disk and phone  Many mms or scandal are leaked inthis way only. If anyone click or stored private pics and that m.card or phone is given to repair then  probably chance of getting leak is very high. One of my friend is victim of that its my true experience. And let me tell you in all most phone we store the private pics and mms porn . Mobile repair person is always in serach of that . Now comes to your question , whatsss app is not storing any pics , but it is mentioned that pic was deleted from bf's phone , so here it is the chance to leak , better say him that if in future his phone is damage dnt give it for repair just throw that and buy new one . And if phone would be stolen then it would be your faith . Sorrry I have seen my friend who is victim hence siad. Take care
answered Jul 19, 2014 by nicecoolbrain23 (365 points)
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Dear neha,

   If its ones get deleted it gets deleted unless anyone copy it from your or your's bf mobile phone. If he deleted it will permanently get deleted from the site. Unless any error comes what its ngligible. Usually data get erased if any bug came so no need to worry about it. Only one thing you should do is to keep your cellphone safe i mean under great care so nobody can misuse it. Better to ignore send photos or if you do delete them. Don't wait for next day. You can take your hot oics million of times but if ones it get leaked there will be problem so better to not to save them.
answered Jul 22, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)

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