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Is it safe to lick the vagina of an HIV affected woman?

asked Jul 16, 2014 in Questions by vigneshman69 (120 points)
edited Jul 18, 2014 by longhands1

I want to have sex with my neighbourhood aunty and she also has sex with her husband. I do not know whether she is HIV positive.

I want to know if it is safe to lick her vaginal fluids? Can AIDS be transferred to me?


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7 Answers

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dont do will not spread if u kiss or hug a person...on other hand fluid exchanges will affect u...
answered Jul 16, 2014 by deebu (105 points)
reshown Jul 17, 2014 by longhands1
commented Jul 17, 2014 by longhands1 (84,380 points)


Please give a detailed answer. Else you can post as comment. However since you are a new User, am accepting your answer this time.


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There are only four fluids that can transmit HIV, vaginal secretions is one of them. The other three fluids are semen including pre-cum, blood, and breast milk.
So if you have an open wound and the lady is infected you have a high risk of transmission. Its better u practice safe sex. Better safe than repent later.

answered Jul 17, 2014 by devils_r_naughty (105 points)
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There is nothing harmful to lick vaginal fluid as far as your partner is healthy. You can obtain STD if your partner is suffering from such syndrome so be clear in your mind before you go ahead for sex with unknown partner or without knowing her health status. If your neighbor aunt is only having sex with her husband then there are minimum chances that she has affected by STD. If you are not sure regarding her health status than use condom and do not indulge in oral sex awaiting you are sure.

I do not find anything immoral if you have sex with your aunt, as few persons are able to fuck their neighbor or lucky so go ahead and fuck her. Find safe place to fuck her or if possible use her home for your session when she is alone and make ready another door for emergency exit.
answered Jul 17, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (27,435 points)
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It IS forbidden to come into contact with ANY body fluids of a person who has HIV/AIDS in his/her body.  HIV is transmitted through exchange of body fluids.
answered Jul 17, 2014 by Madhyarani (210 points)
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HIV is spread through contact with body fluids. This could be semen, vaginal fluid, blood and breast milk. It is NOT spread through tears, sweat, faces and urine.

So, it can be spread by vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex. It does not always mean that if you had sex with an infected person, you will definitely get HIV/AIDS but the chances are very high. So one time, can be enough. HIV is spread through blood, by sharing needles if taking drugs, or using unsterilized needles for tattoos and body piercings and blood transfusions.   

Pregnant women who are HIV positive can transmit the virus to their babies in the womb and during birth. Also at the time of breast feeding.

When you kiss a woman or she gives you oral sex and she has the virus, this can be transmitted through tiny cuts on the gums or on the penis. These cuts may be so tiny that you do not see it or feel it. 

Using a condom or a dental dam are the best possible safe methods. But even here the condom should not break or slip off. If you are using lubrication with the condom, it should be water based and not oil based as oil based lubricants cause the lates to tear.

answered Jul 17, 2014 by longhands1 (84,380 points)
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U dont ned to do so much research on women,s health. Use condom during sex, and use women,s condom during oral sex, women,s condom is quite costly, so take a male condom cut it vertically, put on vagina and then only go 4 oral sex, play safe
answered Jul 17, 2014 by power (395 points)
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Dear vigneshman69,

    HIV transmits through body fluids. So when you lick her vagina then her vaginal fluid get transmitted to you. If she has HIV then there are chances that you may get it by doing this........t.

    But prevention is better than cure and HIV has no cure or we can say that prevention is its cure. You mentioned that your aunty has sexual relationship with her husband only but how you can say that. If she is ready to sleep with you then there may be chances she had multiple sex partner. So don't forget to use condom. If you are sure she is HIV free then you can lick her. Think and act. Good LucK .!
answered Jul 19, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)

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