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What is the process of approving and rejecting Questions?

asked Jul 4, 2014 in Questions by longhands1 (82,510 points)
edited Jul 4, 2014 by longhands1

          Why are some Questions approved and some rejected?

Some Users get perturbed when their Questions are rejected and often seek an explanation.

So let me explain, how the process is done.

1. I check the Profile of the User. It should be completed in all respects. Unfortunately, the System is programmed to seek only basic information while registering on this Site. However if you want to ask a question, you should provide all data – your age (compulsory), marital status (in “tell us about yourself) and your hobbies and Interests.

   I sometimes accept a question, but send a PM asking for the Profile to be completed.

2. I then check, previous Questions asked by the User. It is compulsory to provide “comments” for the Answers received. If you do not have the Time, please do not ask a new question. It will be rejected. We want your Feedback and may be selection of “The Best Answer”. Remembers none of our Moderators, Editors, Users get paid for taking the trouble to answer your Question. The least you can do, is acknowledge an Answer.

3. As Moderator, I have the facility to check your IP Address and can tell if a User is registering under different names. I then summarily BAN that User without explanation. (User lakshman, raj invisible and ramn have tried using different User names from the same IP in the last week. He has been banned. Once banned, you cannot access the Site.

4. Many Questions are on masturbation and penis size. These have been answered before, but new Users do not want to SEARCH for the Answer. To SEARCH all you do is type a few words like penis or masturbation in the empty Box (with magnifying glass) on Top Right Corner and you will see many Questions. Open each one of them and check for the Answer.

   I am not interested in Quantity but in quality of questions asked.

5. Once I feel a question is genuine and not a fantasy, I edit it and post it. Once edited and approved, it should not be re-edited by the User. Send me a PM or a comment and I will do the needful.    

6. New Users are encouraged to share their knowledge with others. Do reply to a Question if you feel you have genuine advice. But do not give One Line Answers.

Together we can make this India’s No. 1 Sexual Health Forum.    

commented Nov 10, 2014 by Hitman046 (100 points)
I am a new user. I completed my registration through email verification. But even then my ques is not getting posted. Is it system fault or registration is not complete. Everytime I type my question and click on Ask ques (or whatever it Is) a new page with guidelines opens.

I personally think I am following all the quidelines. I click on the box and then ask in the Ask question link but the same window pops up again. (Frankly speaking this site is not user friendly. No offense but it is a concern of mine). Hope to get reply soon.
commented Nov 10, 2014 by longhands1 (82,510 points)


There should not be a problem, when you ask a question. The proceedure is very simple.

1.You must not exceed 50 characters (including spaces) in the Title of your question.

2. You must give Tags to the Question. (It is at the end).

3. The question must have atleast 100 words.


If you still have a problem, send me a PM (Personal Message) and I will assist you.


commented Jan 21, 2015 by suhagraat (100 points)
even iam also facing the same problem so moderators plz accept my user id

commented Sep 19, 2015 by sanjayservice (285 points)

Thanks and regards
commented Oct 26, 2015 by raheel (125 points)
Ok thanks Thankyou sir,
I accept all the things you said.
I like this site very much and often i visit this site

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1 Answer

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Ok thanks Thankyou sir,
I accept all the things you said.
I like this site very much and often i visit this site
answered Oct 26, 2015 by raheel (125 points)

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