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How to handle my brother-in-law's foot fetish?

asked Jun 25, 2014 in Questions by huma_chaudhary (120 points)
edited Jun 25, 2014 by longhands1


My name is Huma and am new here. I just want to ask about my devar (brother in law). He is 17 at the moment and I am 25. He used to come to my place to study. One day I came from shopping and was very tired. I asked him if he  could rub my feet and he agreed happily.

Next day  when I was teaching him physics, he asked me if he could rub my feet again. I said okay and then next day he himself started rubbing my feet. I didn't asked for it but I was ok with it. This went on for 2 weeks. Next day when he started again, I said that I don't want it but he was begging me to allow him to rub my feet.

I was shocked and don't know what to do so I said him to go as I am not feeling well. Now it has becomes his daily routine to massage my feet and if I say no he will make a sad face, and start begging me to allow him. I asked him why he want to rub my feet and he said he wanted  to take care of my feet because he has a foot fetish.

He told me details about it. When I searched about it, I came to this site so I thought I should ask you people. I don't want to make an issue in the house so am not telling my husband about it.

My Question is: Should I let him massage my feet?


Please click on the Link below:

commented Jun 25, 2014 by huma_chaudhary (120 points)
Thanks hon and aaloka for answers
I know him very well, he can't even think about to have sex with me nor do i
Its been a month he is rubbing my feet, he didn't even touch my legs and one think i forgot to mentioned above is he also asked to kiss my feet on start but i refused him, then he never ask about it and only rubs my feet
Maximum he could ask is to kiss my feet, he have also rubbed my feet in front of my husband
but the only problem i have is that i know why he is rubbing my feet
and please don't think about sex he is like my brother
Thanks :)
commented Jun 25, 2014 by hon (920 points)
the fact that he has rubbed your feet in front of your husband doesnt means anything,it is day to day ritual in most of the households where children or younger ones press feet and legs of elders.
though in your case the boy is having a fetish which is infact a sexual one- here by no means we are doubting your intentions its just that he is a teenager you may consider him as a brother but whether you like it or not a teenager thinks mostly with his cock which is not in any way his mistake.he might be fantasying your feet in rather sexual manner in confines of his room.
as you mentioned he asked if he could kiss your feet confirms he has sexual desires towards you or atleast towards your may have started as a simple affection towards your feet but it will surely end in pure lust(i am saying this as a male who has gone through teenage and the sexual arousal/outbursts that comes with it)

you could search the site and you will find numerous teenagers having lust for their cousins aunts and other close relatives.

i personally feel you would be putting the poor boy in a situation where he would be forced to throw his morals out of the window by letting him continue.
he is a teenager he doesn't have the maturity,you sound like a very reasonable and honest woman so it is your duty to prevent any ugly incident.

if you however decide to let him continue(due to his sad face/begging/or your shopping trips any other then sexual motives) you could observe his private parts is he aroused while rubbing your feet ? if yes,you know what to do .

best of luck :)
commented Jun 27, 2014 by kapilh (1,045 points)
you have to restrict him right now to avoid future consequences ,

or  if you are enjoying the massage and if you are comfortable for oral sex that you will not be able to restrict latter on, then you can let go as it is.

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6 Answers

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hi huma,

congratulations on being so mature and trying to find a solution on your own instead of making an issue out of it in front of whole family.

the answer is simple - do you want him to ?

as you might know it is a sexual fetish,like some males like boobs some like feet.

obviously if you allow him, he will take it as a green signal,first he will rub your feet and eventually he will reach for more.because you will be giving him permission to fulfill his sexual fetish with full knowledge.

he might start by sliding his hands a little towards your legs and thighs or he could ask or even without permission kissing/sucking on your might even like it.

it would shape into a sexual relationship over the time.

so my suggestion is if you are satisfied with your husband then you need to stop him, you need to put your foot down(well,in your case try covering it first:P) and tell him that he cannot touch you like that,you are his brother's wife you'll need to be stern.if he has a fetish he needs to find a girlfriend and do to her whatever he wants with her consent.
and if you want to have a sexual relationship with your "devar" say nothing and let him rub your feet and soon he will rubbing his magic stick all over you.

best of luck :)
answered Jun 25, 2014 by hon (920 points)
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Ask him to stop right away! Foot fetish may turn in to a desperation for sex in some cases. Your brother-in-law might be growing some ideas in his mind from this act. He may find you more and more attractive. Cut out the plant right away when you come to know it is poisonous.

However, on the other hand he might so innocent, who has misunderstood the meaning of foot fetish. Ask him out clearly if he understands what a foot fetish means. If he defines it correct, then you'll have to stop this act abruptly.

If you need him to pursue with you, you may allow him!

answered Jun 25, 2014 by aaloka.sharma (1,105 points)
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A fetish is about finding an object sexually arousing. It could be a woman's panties, bra, lingerie or any part of the human body.

Your bro-in-law, aged 17, does have a severe foot fetish, more like an obsession. The good thing is that he is not alone and there are many men who worship their partner's feet. The problem here is that he is not your partner.

The love for a woman's feet is also coupled with the need for dominance. It is a great turn on to kiss the feet, to have your feet trampling him and in a way to worship your feet. You must be enjoying this dominance over him. You would rather prefer your husband doing this, but seems he does not.

In a comment you have said, that your husband has seen him pressing your feet. What explanation did you give? How does the foot massage take place? Does he sit on the floor at your feet? How are you dressed up when he does this? In pants or in a dress?

Make no mistake, fetish is sexual, but since he is relatively young, he cannot give full vent to this. You are partially to blame, for leading him down the rosy path. But if you are in control of yourself, then I can only say it is a harmless past-time for you.

He will kiss your feet at some time, if you allow him to continue. I am sure he masturbates thinking of your feet and imagines your feet massaging his cock. If you feel this is fine, go head. Let us know when it gets out of hand.    

answered Jun 25, 2014 by longhands1 (80,975 points)
commented Jun 26, 2014 by huma_chaudhary (120 points)
hi Thanks for your answer
here are answer for your questions
I just said my husband that I was feeling tired and he is good in massage, he just smiled
he used to sit on chair next to my sofa where I sit, so I put my feet on chair normally, but sometimes he sat on floor for massage and I think he prefers to sit on floor at my feet
and answer to ur last question is that it depends on what I wear that day lol, sometime in pants sometime in shalwar qameez
commented Jun 26, 2014 by longhands1 (80,975 points)


Since he is young and a member of the Family, your husband has no objection. Does he keep your feet on his lap, when he massages them? Since you are decently dressed than you are not leading him on. As I said earlier, you are in control of the situation. But you will need to take a stand at sometime. Today he massages your feet, someday he will massage your back!

commented Jun 27, 2014 by huma_chaudhary (120 points)
No I place my feet on side of chair or in floor not on his lap,  and no way to massae my back I will never allow him and am sure he will never ask for it
Am still confused what to do
commented Jun 27, 2014 by longhands1 (80,975 points)


What you are doing is not normal. Do not fool yourself that this will lead no where in the future. Things always progress to the next level. I do not blame him. He is only a kid...but you?

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Huma do one thing, when he rub ur feet lift ur cloths up to ur thin, and see, did he rub ur things or not, if yes he want if no then continue, huma some where i find u r also interested in ur dever, if u dont want simple say no rubbing legs, he is not ur maid that he will rub ur legs, nor u r his grand mother, ask him to rubb his mother legs,
answered Jun 26, 2014 by power (395 points)
commented Jun 27, 2014 by huma_chaudhary (120 points)
He didn't even touched my legs how will he touch my thigh?  And secondly how  can you think that am interested in him, I mentioned earlier that he is like my younger brother
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Dear huma,

  If you are not liking it why you are allowing him to massage your feet. Dear its not bad but foot fetish mean an habit. He have this habit with his sister in law not with her gf and wife. Thats the problem. His feet fetish is not a problem. problem is that it is with wrong one. But if you are loving it then there is no matter of wrong and right.
answered Jul 8, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
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Hi Huma,

You are are in a bit of dilemma I presume and why not! Not many women face such situations. But this is something you could easily use to your advantage.

Your BIL has a harmless fetish directed at your feet and its very common amongst us men. But the social pressures and a virtual macho image of men doesn't allow us to come forward and admit such fetishes openly. You could slowly and steadily use this fetish of your BIL to build a strong relationship with him where you could be the guide and he follows and you won't even realise but you could become a guiding light in his life.

You could tap into this fetish of his to make sure he follows whatever you ask him to. And you could direct his energies towards the betterment of his lives. Conversely, you could deny him this pleasure and ask him to follow you in lieu of his fetish.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by Santajak (105 points)

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