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Why did my maid bleed heavily after having anal sex?

asked Jun 25, 2014 in Questions by zkzameer8 (185 points)
edited Jun 25, 2014 by longhands1

I am 23 years and my maid is 33 years married, and having two kids. I am living alone in a home for my job. I was having sex with my maid for about 3 months. She stays with me for the whole night giving some reason to her husband. She usually spends 2-3 nights in a week with me.

I had a strong intention to have anal sex with her. Last week, I asked her for anal sex, but she refused saying that it hurts her a lot and will cause pain. I tried to convince her by paying more than what I pay now, still she did not agree for that. So we had normal sex.

Yesterday night while having sex with her I told her to be in doggy style. I saw her ass hole was wide open, on seeing that my mind changed. I decided to have anal sex without telling her else she will deny and resist me. I inserted my penis in her ass hole and made a hard push in and then pulled it for next stroke. I noticed blood dripping from her ass. I ignored this and tried to insert my penis fully deep inside by giving a few harder stroke.

She was screaming louder and blood flow was more. She pushed me and took her saree and left my home. I felt bad for my act. I felt that it hurt her a lot. Today morning, when she came to my home for work, I can see her dullness in her face.

She found it hard to bend down to clean the floor. I am worried about her condition. She satisfied me as if I was her husband. I want her to recover from that pain and be normal.

Why was she bleeding? Was this normal during anal sex? If it was a serious problem, what should I do to help her to recover? Please help. I love her.


Please click on the Link below:

commented Jul 6, 2014 by coolncute (1,020 points)
I know this site does not encourage one liner. But I cant write anything more:

Simply non-human behavior ! Either correct yourself or face law :(
commented Jul 20, 2014 by zkzameer8 (185 points)
she had a minor surgery because of this and she was fine now. I asked to continue the relationship, which she denied initially but i convinced her. I was planning to convince her for anal sex. Next time I will do that only when she agree. Please give me some tips how to convince her for anal sex

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7 Answers

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zkzameer8, a sexual intercourse should be enjoyable to the persons involved in the act! Go for an anal session only if your partner agrees to it.

Now, coming to your question, the anus is meant for excretion and not for sex! So, it will not lubricate itself like the vagina. A proper lubrication should be used(Only if your partner says okay). Her anus has been torn literally! It is very tight that you find it really hard to insert your penis in. The inner part of the anus has soft tissues, left uncovered and the chances of getting infected is more.

Repeated anal sex may cause the loss of capacity to hold feces for a longer time. Anus is full of bacteria. Without a condom, you hold high chances of getting infected!

Above all this imagine the pain she will feel during excretion. You have caused an injury to her. Never repeat this unless you have the permission!

The bleeding must subsidize soon. Else consult a doctor.
answered Jun 25, 2014 by aaloka.sharma (1,110 points)
selected Jul 18, 2014 by zkzameer8
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How cruel can you get? Sex should be enjoyed by both partners, even if one of the partners is your maid. Always work with repeat orders in mind. You want to enjoy the sex act, but always consider your partner’s satisfaction too.

You have said you are in love with her and she has treated you well, even though you pay for her services. So, does it not follow that you too treat her well. Anal sex needs preparation and communication. The woman needs to be well lubed as unlike the vagina, the anus has no juices that can help you insert something into it.

I have spoken on this Site before, the preparations that are required before one has anal sex. SEARCH for this by typing anal sex in the empty Box you see on the top right corner. Have you ever had an electric shock? The scars of that are difficult to heal. Now, every time you are close to her anus she will have the fear that you want to penetrate her anus and there will be fear and imagined pain.

If the bleeding continues, she definitely needs to see a doctor. Since the wound may have ruptured a tissue, there is a possibility that it may get infected, as this part is full of bacteria and germs. Such wounds also take a long time to heal. You will need to make up some story that she fell on the tap in the bathroom etc. But do accompany her to the doctor. You are her employer, so the doctor will understand.    

answered Jun 25, 2014 by longhands1 (84,390 points)
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hi rapist(yes you are !!!),

i'll start with "Why was she bleeding?" try shoving a full grown carrot or a cucumber up your ass without lubrication and you might know the reason !!!

"Was this normal during anal sex?"- yes with self absorbed sex driven men it might be normal but with people who look upon their sexual partner as humans it is rather not and specially not normal ignoring the blood and continuing even harder. to top that you made her clean the floor next day !!!!
i mean seriously man how could you ???

anyways first of all you should take her to see a doctor at could be an injury which if not treated could develop in something serious. she might need antibiotics as it can cause infection in serious cases a surgery might be needed but that is for the doctor to decide
**you need to take her to a doctor immediately without any excuse or delay **

you want to make it upto her,please dont think that giving her extra money will cover up what you did to her you need to put emotions and effort in it as if she was your wife.please do not pressurize her to have sex with you ever, if she wants to have she will say it herself.

there is a lot of preparation involved in anal sex,try searching anal sex in the box in the top right corner of the page and you shall find pearls of wisdom pertaining to anal sex.

answered Jun 25, 2014 by hon (920 points)
commented Jun 26, 2014 by prashant69 (7,210 points)
edited Jun 26, 2014 by prashant69

#Hon,Let this enlighten the wisdom and let him become more prudent and let him learn how to behave decent with anyone considering her/him (maid in this case) as a human ! Though  sarcastic your  answer is my  hopes are these only! Many times bitter pills cures  best! 

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Hi zkzameer8,

what else you expected when you shoved your penis hard inside her anal hole, a smooth entry? but i think you are grown enough to understand that anal hole will not be as stretchable as vagina, so you need to prepare it well before you can have penetrative sex. Ideally you should have used a lot of lubricant or atleast oil to create enough lubrication. Now what is done is done, it seems you have created few lacerations in her anal passage, which will take time to heal, & rest assured she might even refuse normal sex with you. The physical pain will subside over a period of a day or two but the mental pain & loss of faith in you will last forever.  The least you can do is make her as comfortable as you can may be ask her to take rest for a day or two, don’t make her bend too much, some people recommend ice therapy after anal sex it may help.  

answered Jun 25, 2014 by Sudeep Mohan (3,135 points)
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What you did was to commit an act of rape!!!! Any non-consentual act of penetration is a sexual assault. Please spare us your fake cries of concern, as you are only worried that your violation will have consequences for you. Sad to say, you'll probably get away with it, though if the maid can get a job elsewhere, I bet she will be gone as soon as possible. Just because you're paying a poor woman extra to have sex with you, you don't have the right to abuse her.

If you want anal sex, buy a prostitute who includes anal as part of her services, but I bet she'll cost more than you paid to your maid!!!

I'd suggest getting a girlfriend and having a real relationship, but men who see women as objects to be used as they see fit are not worthy of a relationship.


answered Jul 3, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Very sad, You hurted her badly, assume you are in her place, or can you gather courage to put the same thing of your penis size in your anal hole, 'No', then why did you hurt her badly, just for your personal sake.
Anal hole has constrictive muscles which controls its opening & clossing at ones will, also anal has various nerves endings and blood carring veins which are quite delicate & sensitive. What torture you gave her is irrepairable loss, have you ever been suffered from pills /anal fissure alliment. perhaps 'NO', you would only come to know about the anal pain when in future if you get anal fissure problem.
Also, anal sex is not natural & it is punishable act in law.
Now, extent every possible co-operation to her as much as you can, express your love, help her in daily domastic activities, though she is a maid, but some time prepare tea & breakfast and bring to her while letting her sit/sleep at your sofa/bed, love her as you are her true lover adore her as much as you can, massage her body, legs, back, shoulders.
If I would have been at your place I would keep treat her as my Qeene 'sapno ki raani', whateveer you wrote in your question is partly un bliveable, but even though I suggest you do not trouble her, if like vaginal sex, do that only also always apply lot of coconut oil over your penis then slowly slide your fully erect penis inside her vagina and do as she suggests you to do with her, gently suck her boobs, lick her vagina, learn how to give pleasure to women by oral sex performance.
answered Jul 5, 2014 by ajay one (120 points)
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 Are you mad, you spank her so hard and that too in her anus and asking that why is she bleeding. The way you have spank her its normal to have pain. Dude anal sex lots of practise and care. It takes lubrication and whatnyiu have done just rammed up her. She will get right by time but its not fair man. I think you raped her because its against her consent. Feel sorry to her.
answered Jul 8, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)

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