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Is having sex more pleasurable with fat or thin women?

asked Jun 9, 2014 in Questions by mhdadil (155 points)
edited Jun 9, 2014 by longhands1

Hi Anjali Aunty,

I am a 19 year old Guy and my Aunt is 35. I am in a relationship with my Aunt who Is fair and she is fat. When we have anal Sex, we get maximum pleasure. All in all sex is good.

But my friends told me that It's more pleasurable to have sex with thin or normal figured WWoman. So now I wish to fuck a thin lady. I am thinking of visiting a prostitute who is  a college girl. She knows my friend well. He is doing all the setting for me.

I need your opinion which is better - sex with a fat or thin woman? Should I have anal sex with the prostitute?

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6 Answers

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hi mhdadil,

while having vaginal sex as your aunt is fat i am assuming you guys do it in missionary position so the fat on her tummy stops you from going deep but when you have anal sex you probably do it in doggy style which enables you to dig deeper giving you and your aunt maximum pleasure.

having sex with a normal sized women is more pleasurable-this is bullshit it all depends on your individuality if you watch porn then you must know there are almost all types of categories in porn which implies that everybody has a different choice ,some find fat women sexy,some like to suck on their toes,some like to have petite girls,some even like a girl to shit on them(seriously,i know WTF !!! ) and so on ,therefore there can be no such generalization whatsoever.

you have to fuck different kinds of girls to find your out your favorite or you can watch different genre of porn to find out what tickles your boning bone.

as far as prostitutes are concerned i would suggest you to find a girlfriend if possible. prostitutes should be last resort as they will not give you that much pleasure a girlfriend or an aunt can give.
there will be no emotions to it and you might become habitual of it .

in any case if you do visit a prostitute make sure you use protection and before licking or sucking anything check if there are cuts,open sores or rashes if yes then avoid sucking and licking.

may god bless you with a kinky girl :)
answered Jun 9, 2014 by hon (920 points)
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There is no set rule, mind it. Sex is good with someone who responds nicely in bed. Even if it were a woman on the fat side. You will not enjoy sex with a drop dead gorgeous lady if she is totally a rag doll in bed. You can, however, gain experience. Best of fuck.
answered Jun 10, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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There is no rule that thin girls are for the sex as thin girls are more comfortable to have sex. Do not act as your friends are saying, as what your friend is saying is true for him and not for you. Everyone have their own choice as some people like fat woman and some of are go with thin but ultimately the pleasure of sex is depends on the situation and fantasy which you have. I do not find that fat woman is not the pleasurable and thin are good at sex. There is no sense in the term of sex as I have had the sex with fat and thin woman and I found both are equally pleasurable. Even I had sex with prostitutes, married aunt and with my girlfriend but for me my girlfriend was the idle for the sex.

You are very lucky to have a sexual affair with mature woman as many people want to fuck mature woman but do not get opportunity. If I say my preference than I would prefer mature woman to young girl as I did not find young girl sexy. Mature women are experienced and comfortable compare to young one. As far as prostitute is concerned you will not be get pleasure form them, as they are many other factors involved, which brings anxiety like there is chance of STD, caught by police.

I would like to advice you enjoy your aunt and keep having sex with her instead going to prostitute, I am sure if you go to prostitute your next question will be ' I am worried that I may get STD as I have sex with prostitute what should I do'. You are trying to ride two horses simultaneously, is it possible?
answered Jun 10, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
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Dear mhdadil,

     Dude you are talking about sex not about taste. Sex with fat and swx with slim hardly matters in terms of pleasure. Some like chubby girl, some thin and some moderate type.

     If you distinguishing the pleasure of sex by their bosy size and physique then i think Ll the pronstars must bear same figures. Some are fatish, some are slimmer, some got huge breasts some have smaller one.

     The only thing matter in sexual pleasure is your technique and loving art. If both the partner equally plays their role sex will aleays be great and if one is dominat and other is just allowing it to do then the real pleasure is lost.

      You want to fuck thin girl so to check who gives you more pleasure, your aunt or that escort. You want to have anal sex with her. If you make your mind then why are you asking here. Dude always play safe. Condom is must but the best way to save yourself is ignoring the escort service.

      You are so lucky you have affair with an aunt. Generally most men have fantasy of having sex with aunties. You got your aunt so enjoy with her. Avoid multiple partner for your mind and soul peace. Be stress free.
answered Jun 12, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
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it all depends on ur likings.but with a thin girl u can try several othr sex positions and may get more pleasure.




We treat one line answers as a comment. But since you are a new User, am allowing this to stay as an Answer.

answered Jun 16, 2014 by aaru (105 points)
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Dear M,

Desire is sesire . No set rule can confined the desire of a person. Sexual activity is well and good until and unless you are in safe track both physically or mentally.

Mature ladies have different type of desire. They need ed more emotion than sex. As they have experience so you maynot fulfill their desire as a sex object but satisfy her emotions.

As per various literature some mature women want to feel their body as like young and energetic. There are facts that these category of mature ladies express fake orgasm so that the young guy shouldn't feel embarrassed.

Chances of getting infected from mature women so keep your safety instruments with you so that you fit yourself before the next mission.

answered Apr 14, 2015 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)

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