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Does a man feel bad if a woman wants to be rimmed sitting on his face?

asked May 24, 2014 in Questions by piyapal (625 points)
edited May 24, 2014 by Invincible
I love getting rimmed by my husband. And the best way to enjoy it i have found is to sit right on top of his face. I asked him if he has any problem with it and he said he doesnt have any problem. So I love sitting on top of his face while he rims me. Although it gives me great pleasure,I feel this position humiliates him but as because I love it he doesn't tell me anything.

Its not that i want to humiliate him but its just that I can control my movement of the hips better.

In general does a man feel humiliated when a woman want to get rimmed by sitting on his face? Is it only psychological that i get most pleasure when rimmed by sitting on his face or is there any other reason as to how much I enjoy getting rimmed this way?

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11 Answers

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Best answer

I love rimming, both giving and receiving, and as I have a string submissive streak in me, having to lay back and have my husband or girlfriend squat over me adds extra spice to the act, plus it means I can get my tongue deeper inside. 

Plenty of men enjoy submitting to their partner, but often don't want to admit this, as they fear it will make them seem weak. In reality, all they're doing is admitting what really excites them the most.

If your case, I think you get a sexual thrill from having him under your control, even if you've never consciously thought about it in such terms. The feeling is exquisite, and the thought of being able to control the activity adds an extra dimension. He obviously loves it, or he would have asked to change position long ago. It sounds to me like you're both enjoying a very satisfying and exciting love making. Always talk openly and honestly to each other, as there's always more ways you can enjoy sex together, the only limit is your imagination, as everything is possible if you both want it.

‚Äč Happy love making and a very happy future to you both.



answered May 24, 2014 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected May 31, 2014 by piyapal
commented May 26, 2014 by avinashroogi (100 points)
Salma your are flawless. Admire your experience.
commented May 31, 2014 by piyapal (625 points)
Thanks Salma :) beautiful answer :)
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Its personal preference mainly. For me I don't feel any humiliation.I better enjoy this a lot. While doing sex we don't think emotionally or usually we become out of senses. So you should not worry about this issue as you already knows he enjoys this.So you should enjoy your life.Still if you feel that he may feel humiliated alternatively You can try getting rimmed in doggie style that way u will enjoy a lot too  and you don't have to sit on his face. While doing it he must be highly charged so he would not be thinking about this. You can continue this practice. Have fun
answered May 24, 2014 by robotboy1 (695 points)
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No question for your husband to being humiliating by you as he told you that he does not have any problem to rim you while you sit on his face instead I think it is great for man to do rim as that would comfortable position so he can rim you for long time. One thing I would like to tell you about men if man is uncontrollable in any activity he would tell you right away, as men are quite vocal so do not worry and enjoy your rimming act as far as you both are enjoying it.

You have said that you are getting more pleasure when you sit on his face it is because of psychological as well as physical reason as that position is more accessible so he can cover most of your anal part while rimming so you are enjoying it much than other position. Man feel bad or not it depends on individual choice as some men feel it is bad to rim and some are enjoying it therefore it is clear case of individual. These days most of the men are participating in such act of rimming, rough sex, anal sex and group sex so there is nothing weird or inconvenient.
answered May 24, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Nothing special, he might be getting discomfort  when you sit on his face due to suffocation, otherwise there no other problem in getting rimmed.
answered May 24, 2014 by arjun511 (240 points)
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It depends on Man to Man.

So it could be your husband's personal view. Best idea is to have a word with him directly, and as a wife you have full right to discuss things and even he would appreciate that you asked for his likes/dislikes as well.

Mostly males who love extreme erotica would appreciate it a lot and would derive lots of pleasure if a female is sitting with her glory holes right for him ;)
answered May 24, 2014 by manan (1,670 points)
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Depends on the guy . Sitting on face is sure a psychological  boost . Thats makes woman feel confident and in a  dominating position .Guys like to do that because it makes them feel more fetish and drives them wild when a women is on top .He probably likes doing it because you clearly like it . Men tend to be more  fascinated towards  woman's butt and to look at and feel her reaction when I lick her there and hear her moan and its really intoxicating .Quit thinking about it and dive in . to make it more better

- both of you should  be hair free down there
- take a shower before doing it
- try with some melting chocolate to delight it .
- smell good there . a perfumer soap can help when u shower .

It's just another personal preference . Looking at men psychological factor personally I love the physical sensation of what it feels like with my tongue down there... There is great visual appeal in having my face planted in her ass . and for a women she feel she is dominating her man and having his face right under u is sure a virtual confidence boost for the pleasure .
answered May 24, 2014 by srajesh (1,135 points)
commented May 24, 2014 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
srajesh, Please give due attention towards using proper standard English. I had a hell of a time editing your this answer.
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Hello Priya,

First of all I appreciate your question...

I love being in that position when making love to my babe...

No its not humiliating...It just shows how well you enjoy it... and the comfort level u share... In sex... Its the best feeling for a man when hes able to satisfy his lady...and trust me...our satisfaction doubles when we see your body gizzle and dance... :D

Have no doubts...just love ur hubby and keep trying many other positions...

Make sure u take nice care of your vagina and clean it PROPERLY (I wanna stress on it because using regular soap and water, doesnt can do better...just google it)

Take care... and have fun...
answered May 25, 2014 by hybridboy (255 points)
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It is nice to see girls getting adventurous and willing to explore sex, your husband seems like an open guy when it comes to sex. I do not think any guy who accepts rimming as a sexual act will feel humiliated while performing it infact he will be charged after hearing you moan and after watching you move your ass.

Watching you enjoy it can be a huge turn on for him and  he will feel better, only drawback l see in you sitting on his face is that there can be a difficulty in breathing for him and it will be difficult for him to control the act

I suggest you to go on your knees while performing the act this will give him a better view and better access to your pleasure zones.

Have fun...rimming can certainly take the excitement to another level
answered May 25, 2014 by mast_kalandar (120 points)
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Hi Piyapal,

If your husband does not have a problem then why you should be bothered, if he is ready to do it whenever you want it shows that he is absolutely having no problem with it. Sex is more about ensuring that you give maximum pleasure to your partner so that you receive that back. If you still have a problem have an open discussion with your husband and believe me he will like it more and you will be able to live many more of your fantasies, certainly he will have some of his which you can help him fulfil, this will definitely help you in spicing up your married life  

answered May 25, 2014 by Sudeep Mohan (3,125 points)
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Hi piya !
You like to be rimmed while sitting on your hubby's face and he too likes. In the same way most men love it. I am crazy of rimming and getting rimmed sitting on face which is very convenient posture. To be submissive to each other in sex increases sexual tempo. Go ahead baby, enjoy!
answered May 25, 2014 by sharpcurve (790 points)
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Dear Piyapal,

    If your husband says you that he is okay with it then their is no problem. You can continue it. You are enjoying it very much so  tell this to your hubby because men generally get more adventures when they find that there partner is liking their act.

    Try to give signals about this that you love this act very much. Rimming itself is a wonderful act. Lot of nerve endings are present in Anal area and when they get stimulated we got tremandous pleasure.

     When you sit on your hubby's face then two things happen. First one is your liking to that position mean psychological. For that act its your favourite position so you enjoys more in this position. Second one is control as you already mention it by yourself. You have control of your hips mean you are rimmed by your hubby but in your control.

     This case is just same as your one of previous question in which you told that your hubby puts your leg on his shoulder and don't stop untill he finishes and wants you to stay like and in this way he feels that he got tremandous pleasure. Same is with you.

     Although in that position you provide better space to your hubby to rim you down and your muscles also get relaxed in that position so you also got more pleasure. Its also a individuals choice. Some men like it or some not. Your hubby already mention it that he has no issue with it.

     Mam there are many things we don't like but for sake of our partner's pleasure we do it and by time we starts loving these kinky things and starts enjoying them. If someone is relucted to it then he oe she straighter way say no to it. Your hubby doean't show a sign like that so its clear he also loves this act.

     I hope you got your answer and good luck to both of you, keep loving to each other .!
answered May 26, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)

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