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My boyfriend is angry for kissing my cousin. What should I do?

asked May 2, 2014 in Questions by Pencier Padmini (125 points)
edited May 2, 2014 by longhands1

I am 18 yrs old. I have kissed my cousin and do not find any thing wrong with that. My boyfriend is really pissed off about it and I do not know what to do?

I kissed my cousin brother in a truth or dare game where I had no option or else I would be out of the game. This is the second time this is happening to me. I had kissed my other cousin once before.

I do not know what to do? I am really in a confused state. Should I break up with my boyfriend and go with my cousin or stop kissing my cousins and kiss only my boyfriend?

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4 Answers

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Best answer
No man can digest the fact that his woman or girl has kissed other man except him so if you are serious about your relationship and looking forward in the relationship than stop kissing your cousin and assure your boyfriend that you will not repeat such incidents. You should only kiss your boyfriend and let me tell you that you should even stop to play the game dare and truth in which you need to kiss someone no matter who is he.

I think your boyfriend is right that should not kiss anyone otherwise your relationship would not survive for long time and you will be end up with break up. Being a male, this is my opinion and I would like to see girls thinking on such matter.

All boys are possessive for their girlfriend and insecure so they react in such matter. Does the game is worth for you than relationship? Think on this.
answered May 2, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (22,835 points)
selected May 3, 2014 by Pencier Padmini
commented May 2, 2014 by glissandra (125 points)
yu can kiss your cousin without knowing ur boyfriend.then you can have fun wit both happily


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commented May 2, 2014 by DivJovi (120 points)
Let your BF kiss his cousin or friend... and if you are having no problem with that then you can continue kissing other males..!! As simple as that..!!


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commented May 5, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (22,835 points)
Thanx for selecting my answer as a best answer.
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your boyfriend is correct i think in this matter, bf's are possessive in matter of girl friends and there physical touches too, and you also dint mentioned that you kissed your cousin on lips or cheeks, if its on cheeks then your bf should not have problem in that
answered May 2, 2014 by sanjayyyy (300 points)
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Every guy would get jealous if you kiss any other boy on his lips.
You haven't mentioned where you actually kissed, but as he is pissed off I guess you kissed on the lips.

Now think that your bf is kissing his cousin...Passionately on the lips. Will you like it ? I don't think you would.

I always say, put yourself in the position of the other person and think, you always get the answer to any question.

For me, I think you should leave your cousin and be with your boyfriend , or at least stop kissing your cousin. One more thing, if you keep allowing your cousin to kiss you, he may get a wrong impression that she is ready to do anything and may take advantage of you.

Stay Away from kissing your Cousin.
answered May 2, 2014 by a-shy-guy (150 points)
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Dear Padmini,

    I think your bf is right. You should not kiss your cousion now. I know it might be normal kiss to you but you are giving more importance to your Truth and Dare game than your relationship.

    If you are valuing your relationship in future too then you should stop this. Its not necessarybtonkiss your cousion and if your bf is getting pissed of it not a abnormal thing. It seems he is in a serious relationship with you but you are not looking so much serious about this relation as he is.

     You are ready to broke up for this thing. But in future if your husband says same thing to you then what will you choose. Your hubby or divorce. I think you should regrect for your mistake. What will you do if your bf is kissed by his cousion sister. Definitely you will get panicked.

      You are now 18+ and its not common thing to kiss your cousion. If you says kissing your bf is normal then i would say yeah. It seems more familiar to kiss your bf then your bf. Now you have to choose what to do mam.
answered May 3, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
commented May 3, 2014 by Abhilash Khajuria (175 points)
You are not a loyal gf .He should break up with you.No boy will live with the fact that only girl he loves has kissed some one else.


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