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Is it possible for men to enjoy multiple orgasms?

asked May 2, 2014 in Questions by aaloka.sharma (1,110 points)
edited May 2, 2014 by longhands1

Last day, when I was having sex with my aunty, I experienced something strange. I was penetrating in and out of her vagina when she suddenly asked me to stop to make something right, so that she's comfortable. I felt something was coming out of my penis. I thought I was ejaculating and pulled it out to see what it was. It was kind of semen, but very diluted. But I didn't reach the climax, though.

So, I continued after her signal. After some time, I was ejaculating. Did I ejaculate twice? Why did this happen?

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3 Answers

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Hello aaloka.sharma,

The thing you saw was your Precum. It is very natural that you see precum flowing while doing sex.
When you start, stop then again start, its natural to see precum.

Don't worry you didn't ejaculate twice.
answered May 2, 2014 by a-shy-guy (150 points)
commented May 2, 2014 by aaloka.sharma (1,110 points)
okay.. thank u.. may i know if precum leads to pregnancy?
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Dear Aaloka Sharma,

     Yeah you can experience multiple orgasm in single sex session. In your case you are going with your speed but your partner stops you then. You feel somethingnis oozing out from your penis but it's not semen. It might be your precum. If you go with 10-15 strokes more then you will have surely achieved your orgasm. But you stopped at that time with some reasons with your partner.

      Dude it needs lot of practise to achieve multiple orgasm for men. Generally when men achieve orgasm they ejaculate and then its difficult for them to continue their act. You should have full control on your kegal muscle to perform this art of multiple orgasm. Orgasm is just the stage where you are started to have ejaculation but if you stop your urge of cumming by your kegal muscle you will pleasure like orgasm and for this you should stop. Thats what happened to you at that time.

      Yeah a women can be pregnant by precum as there is sperm present in precum (surely very few in number but still they are), and we know only one sperm is enough to get pregnant. You are enjoying sex withan aunt so it is necessary to use condom as it will protect you unwanted pregnancy as well as StD or StI's. I hope you got your answer.
answered May 2, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
commented May 3, 2014 by aaloka.sharma (1,110 points)
thank u manoj4u.. and by the way, we were protected.. she was having the pills.. and since she is my own aunt, i dont think we need a condom.. pills would suffice..
commented May 3, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
And dude what about STi or STD's. No pill can save you from these fatal diseases. Your aunt is sharing a relation outside her marriage. I mean with two men so chances of getting disease are still there. Its good to have sex with your own aunt as there is less danger of getting caught. Good luck and play safe. Enjoy your life dude.
commented May 3, 2014 by aaloka.sharma (1,110 points)
thank u! but she said she rarely sleeps with my uncle.. also we feel that condom is kinda uneasy.. that's why..

anyways, i have noted ur point and will act accordingly hereafter..
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Its quiet possible for men to get multiple orgasm , Some men can have two orgasms in fairly rapid succession but that depends on the recovery time between the ejaculation and erection . some experience it during masturbation like stop and start method which gives a special feeling a huge rush in excitement . It takes time and practice to master the technique its all mind game . Kegel exercise can help a lot in this . There are different phase you need to consider like
Excitement - where you experience erection , raise in heart beat , erect nipples
Rhythm - increase in size of penis tip , high breathing rate
Climax - Shivers over thighs a sensual feel , ejaculation .
You can experience orgasm ( its all about inner self experiencing uncontrollable pleasure )
My point of view is you can reach orgasm with prolonging it with all the above three ways individually
Stopping right before ejaculation is sure gonna give a boost of feeling . inner excitement  .
answered May 3, 2014 by srajesh (1,135 points)

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