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My wife likes to flirt with men. Is this normal? [closed]

asked Apr 18, 2014 in Questions by suresh86 (120 points)
closed May 6, 2014 by Invincible


I am 32, male from Bangalore but now settled in London. My wife is 29 and working. We both are IT professionals and married for 3 years.

We both are very open with each other regarding our sexual thoughts. She says she gets turned on when she flirts with other men.

I wanted to know is this normal behavior or abnormal?

Thanks and Regards,



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8 Answers

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Hi Suresh,

I think you are lucky enough that your wife express her feeling with you....This is completely normal behavior and nothing wrong in it.

In our Indian society and culture people have made taboo about discussing sex interest in relations. Men discussing or expressing his liking is "COOL" but same with woman its " BITCHY". Never think its abnormal, enjoy life and be happy that you got an honest and horny wife...

Hope she must be good in all aspects. I wish u people happy married life and enjoy it to the fullest.

answered Apr 18, 2014 by garry9285 (130 points)
edited Apr 18, 2014 by longhands1
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That is normal behavior of your wife's as she has a personality of attention seeking, most of the women have such personality through some are accept it, and some are not. She has told you about her fetish as you both are open minded and probably she thinks that you would understand it. However, if your wife flirts with men up to some extend then it is acceptable and you should not worry for that instead show your trust on her but if she is trying to take an advantages after revealing her fetish then you should discuss with her.

I think if your wife talking about flirt with other men is not normal for you but for her that may be normal. Flirting at work is normal; people spend all day together and become close. Flirting does not lead to cheating, does she pleased when other men flirt with her. Trust me your wife is normal. Everyone likes to feel attractive even if her husband gives her his full attention. Let her be flattered as well as yourself, knowing that she is always coming home to you.
answered Apr 18, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (22,895 points)
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Suresh You really should thank the Gods for getting such a wife who tells you  openly what she really feels! Every woman likes to be admired especially by opposite sex. And they dress and carry them accordingly too. Just see that she is not going over the edge as if it gets too clear to her suiters that she really enjoyes this flirting some kind of confident stud could take her undue advantage and put you, her and that sweet marriage of yours in a soup. 

    So you better tell her to restrict this flirting to a  certain limits. No hangout with these men after office hours or business hours as this strictly could lead her astray .

answered Apr 18, 2014 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
edited Apr 18, 2014 by prashant69
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This world would be a drab place, if men and women had stopped flirting after marriage. Since, you are out of India, that gives your wife the boldness to let her hair down. As you must have already learnt, the cultures in the Western world are different from the city of your birth and when you oserve the freedom all around you, it is natural that one gets emboldened too.

You now finds the roles reversed. Your wife was coy and shy but is now a flirt. There are a few reasons why women do this. One reason is insecurity. Just as back-up. It gives her a confidence boost to know that there are other guys who are interested in her. Who does not like admirers? You will agree that when a women plays hard to get and is unavailable, that is the time men get more attracted to her. Many women love the challenge of trying to attract a man. She may not be interested in him, but it is a challenge for her to know if she is still desirable.

But, what is your take on this? Are you jealous? Are you insecure and fear that your wife may get asttracted to another man. If yes, then you need to communicate with your wife about your fears. But flirts are difficult to change. Once a flirt, always a flirt. So why not enjoy it. Since your wife admits that this turns her on, use this to your advantage for a great sex life.    

answered Apr 18, 2014 by longhands1 (77,000 points)
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Hey suresh,

I think u r wife might have told u this to make u jealous and get mor attracted to her.. She thinks her flirting message wil enlighten you to have more attention and care for her.

If a women is really flirting she will never ever tell openly to her hubby.

Have your observed her flirting? If not then trust me it just to tell you to make more love with her or else she may search for option

Just stay calm and do not react more do with your routine love...

All the best
answered Apr 19, 2014 by Headgearwale (800 points)
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I think its very normal and its great that you both are so open and frank with each other that she frankly tells you about her feelings. I think you need not worry as long as it is within limits and does not harm n hurt anyone.
answered Apr 20, 2014 by furryguy (165 points)
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Dear Suresh86,

    If she tells you that she likes to flirt with other men it means she is loyal to you. Dude now you are in London, western culture and your wife adopting herself to this culture. In our India it is taken as wrong thing but in London its pretty common.

     Moreover your wife is working women, means well educated, modern and after all ifs natural to have such open thoughts toward sex. I must say you are lucky to get such horny and loyal wife. Did you ever find or see her doing flirt with other men or she is just joking you. I hope she is true that she likes flirt and got aroused by doing this.

      So in the place where you lived, its quiet normal and you mention in your question that you both are very open regarding your sexual thoughts thats why she tells you all this. No nees to get worried. Love her and enjoy yourself.
answered Apr 20, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
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I think I agree and believe that   once a flirt always a flirt .Now she is telling you she is getting attracted, in a few days she'll tell  I went to an office party got horny flirted and got laid by office guy or some other guy.Are you waiting for this to happen? I dont think so I beg to differ from the other answers and say this behavior is not normal it makes it even worse that you are in London where  she can do whatever she wants and you wont even know about it.So .be careful brother.
answered Apr 22, 2014 by pritesh007 (680 points)
commented May 6, 2014 by Jollyman (140 points)
In my view u are a fortunate husband in having got a forward looking wife. It s a fact that all men like flirting whether married or not. it s when their wives begin to flirt that they become sensitive.But i believe that a woman interested in flirting( especially those feeling turn ons when they flirt) will not stop with innocent flirt. But no need to fear. Make it known to her that any further advance will not create any problem between them. I am of the opinion that serious flirting of this type will lead to physical relationships.That may spice up ur sexual activities.

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